Thursday, July 26, 2007


That sounds simple enought, right? Well it is, but there are ways you can walk that makes exercising more effective and efficient. You can't walk with the intentions of toning and losing weight the same way you casually walk around the house or the office. I've put together a list of techniques that you can do to help when you're walking for exercise. You may think these are crazy, but here they are.
-Bend your elbows. This will cause your arms to swing faster which in return will help your legs to move faster.
-Keep your stride short. Don't take long strides that feel awkward.
-Think heal-to-toe. Push-off with your heal. Toes should leave the ground last.
-Keep your abs pulled in and tight.
-Include interval training walks that include periods of very brisk walking followed by slower, recovery times.
-Remember to always stretch and warm-up.

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