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Weight Management and Fitness Forum 49th Edition

Welcome to the September 12, 2009 edition of weight management and fitness forum.

Andy presents How to Stop Eating Too Much posted at test, saying, "Ever start eating a certain food and can’t stop eating it? You might be engaging in binge eating or emotional eating."

Alisha Harmann presents Top 50 Exercise Science Blogs posted at online MHA degree.

Allison Johanson presents 50 Free Sites Where You Can Review Clinical Medical Research posted at Online Ultrasound School.

Tony presents Low Fat Snacks posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "Snacking is the thorn in every diet. A snack is something you eat that is not a scheduled meal. You snack when you are hungry but can’t wait until your next meal. The problem is most snack foods are unhealthy and do not fill you up."

Andy presents Videos - Stop Binge Eating - 3 Tips | How To Stop Eating - Stop Binge Eating posted at How To Stop Eating - Stop Binge Eating, saying, "Here are 3 recent videos I made filled with tips on how to stop binge eating. Binge eating is simply overeating. It’s when you start eating a certain food and can’t stop. Often people experience binge eating when consuming junk foods or comfort foods."

Elisha Knackwood presents Top 50 Healthcare Policy Blogs posted at Nursing Assistant Guides.

Tony presents Five Things You Should Never Say to Someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "It is extremely difficult to suffer from an illness like chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) both physically and emotionally. While awareness has improved dramatically over the past 20 years, there are still many doctors and society in general who do not believe this debilitating illness is real. If you have been fortunate enough to have a doctor, family and friends who believe you are truly ill, there are still many stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding CFS."

Andy presents Tips to Stop Eating Junk Foods posted at test, saying, "Cravings for junk foods and fast food are often a big problem for someone who’s trying to lose a few pounds. You have probably have tried to stop eating junk foods and found it very difficult."

Carolyn Friedman presents Top 100 Blogs to Help You Become a Better Nurse posted at PhD in Nursing Online.

Alisha Harmann presents Top 50 Blogs for Holistic Health and Wellness posted at Online Ultrasound School.

Tony presents High Protein Low Carb Diet posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "In five weeks, I have reduced my body weight by 40 pounds and my body fat percentage to 15%. This was accomplished by following a high protein low carb diet. This type of diet excels in developing lean muscle while slowly eliminating fat reservoirs in the stomach and thigh areas. However, this type of diet is best utilized with a stringent exercise plan including at least 20 minutes of intense cardiovascular activities per day."

Elisha Knackwood presents 25 Essential Free Palm Pre Apps for Fitness and Exercise posted at online MHA degree.

Tony presents Diabetic Diet posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "If you are healthy, then you are fit to do any kind of job. Being healthy and fit is a necessity for today. In these harsh conditions, one has no time for anything except earning money. One should also keep himself fit and healthy also to continue his work efficiently."


Guru Rwm presents Negatives for positive results posted at Muscle You! The Testosterone Zone, saying, "How to harness the power of the half of the repetition most peopl usually ignore!"

VIP-Ryan presents How To Release Stress posted at VIP Weight Loss Help, saying, "Stress effects your health on many levels such as weight gain to fatigue. While stress is easy to come by in our modern lifestyles, knowing how to effectively get rid of it is not."

Kris presents Waist Toning Exercises posted at Fat Burning Exercises, saying, "fat burning exercises, waist toning exercises"

Martin Andrews presents More Bodybuilding Language posted at Mick, saying, "Discover the Ultimate in bodybuilding health tips, strength training techniques PLUS learning about how to do steroid cycles safely. Discover Mick Hart."

Colin Timberlake presents Training Log: The Wrong Advices - Day 22 posted at, saying, "A day of hard training inspired by Olympic swimmer and elderly butt kicker Dawn Fraser"

FitJerk presents Gripad Review By FitJerk! posted at FlawlessFitness, saying, "There are a few really good reasons why you should own a pair of workout gloves... but Gripads take things a step further and provide benefits no ordinary gloves can match. See if it lives up to the hype in this in-depth review!"

Suzane Smith presents 100 Best Twitter Feeds for Women’s Health posted at Online Nurse Practitioner Schools.

Shannon Wills presents 50 iPhone Apps That Will Make You Much Healthier posted at Physical Therapy Assistant Schools.

Alan Overton presents >How To Balance Starting Swiss Ball Exercises | Lifetime Fitness 4 Men posted at Lifetime Fitness 4 Men, saying, "When first performing Swiss ball exercises, you may experience problems keeping your balance. The very effort of trying to balance works your stomach muscles and that, in turn, helps you to lose belly fat. As you practice exercise ball exercises, your balance will improve, but then maintaining your balance will also keep your stomach muscles engaged."

Kara-Leah Grant presents The beginner’s guide to yoga: Part 1 posted at Prana Flow NZ, saying, "Everything you need to know before you walk into that first yoga class."

General Health

Kate Hopkins presents 50 Great Tools to Double Check Your Doctor posted at Online Nursing Classes.

Carolyn Friedman presents Top 50 Oncology Blogs posted at Nurse Practitioner Schools.

Brian presents Exercise After Eating Fats | How To Live a Longer Life posted at How To Live a Longer Life, saying, "You can repair the immediate damage of eating fats by simply doing some light to moderate exercise after eating your high-fat meal."

Eric presents Colon Cleansers posted at Colon Cleansers.

Alice presents 3 Ways To Hide Your Stretch Marks In 5 Minutes Or Less posted at How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks.

Sagarika presents Tobacco use and its limitations posted at Social Work for Mankind.

NHE presents How to pick a ripe pineapple posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "If you ever wondered how to pick a great pineapple, this is how!"


Robert Schiffer presents Colon Cleanses by Maple Syrup posted at Juice Cleanse, saying, "Colon Cleanses by Maple Syrup as discussed on this blog"

Johanne presents Thyroid Problems : Diet And Nutrition posted at Thyroid Foods, saying, "When you think of the word diet, you think of “restriction” and “eating less”. We use the word “diet” referring to a specific way of eating."

Weight Loss

Alan Overton presents Best Stomach Exercises For Men | Lifetime Fitness 4 Men posted at Lifetime Fitness 4 Men, saying, "Do you look in the mirror sigh and think, “I need to flatten my stomach, lose belly fat and those love handles have to come off. What are the best stomach exercises to achieve this?”"

Mark Wadinski presents Ephedra Diet Pills Can Give You An Edge ? Or Push You Over It posted at Supplements Diet Pills - Fast Fat Burning Solution.

Jordan Knight presents Lemon Cleansing Has No Harmful Effects posted at >Juice Cleanse, saying, "Blog about healthy detoxification of the liver"

Alan Overton presents How To Lose Belly Fat With Swiss ball Exercises | Lifetime Fitness 4 Men posted at Lifetime Fitness 4 Men, saying, "Swiss ball exercises, known also as exercise ball workouts, stability ball exercises, gym ball exercises and exercise ball exercises, have become popular in the pursuit of losing belly fat and attaining lifetime fitness."

Steve Patterson presents Four Day Diet posted at Weight Loss Diet Forum, saying, "Many individuals have been encouraged to alter their lifestyles due to this challenge from Dr Smith."

Steve Patterson presents Morning Banana Diet posted at Cleanse Body, saying, "They contain potassium which is required by the body and many people do not consume enough of on a daily basis."

Gregory E. Rouse presents Understanding Natural Weight Loss posted at Weight-Loss-Ideas, saying, "Welcome to the site that finds and posts ideas on losing weight."

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