Thursday, February 21, 2008

Domain Registration

When I first started this blog, I was just interested in talking about health stuff, but as I continued the blog, I realized that I could make a little extra money. The key to making a lot of money is registering for a domain. Finding that perfect, unique domain name is both difficult but important. You need to find a name that is both relevant and catchy. So, if you are serious about making money online you will have to spend a little money on a domain name. As everyone probably knows, to make money you have to be willing to spend a little. Paylessdomains offers some of the best deals on domain registration on the internet. There are many domain registration sites out there, but do not make the mistake by going with the first you come across. The previously mentioned site, paylessdomains, is not only one of the cheapest, but it is also one of the best.


Ok, here's something some people may not know. Married people, on an average, live longer, healthier lives than single individuals. Now I'm not saying that is the case all of the time, but studies have proven that this is true more times than not. Today, there are many, many sites on the internet to help people find there dream partners; sites like E-Harmony have proven to be both successful and unsuccessful. The problem with some people is that they have trouble being romantic. There is also sites out there to help with that also. I'm not saying that finding the right person will make you more healthy, I'm just saying that it will not hurt.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 11th Edition

Welcome to the Eleventh Edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We had a lot of great submissions for this edition. Thank you for all your participation in making this forum possible. We hope you enjoy the selections and please find information for the next edition at the end of the forum.


Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. presents Can The US Prevent A Starvation Crisis? posted at Can The US Prevent A Starvation Crisis

Lori Jewett presents Exercise - An Idea Whose Time Has Come posted at Between Us Girls, saying, "a post on choosing and sticking with an execise plan. It contains personal anecdotes, humor and resources."

Alfa Mercado presents Facial Yoga - Get rid of your wrinkles faster posted at Wellness Junction by Kavit Haria

DotLobby presents Goal Theory - How Friends and Family Can Help posted at DotNLP, saying, "A goal theory is simply a rule or presumption that aims to help you achieve whatever you desire..."

General Health

Daniel Lafleche presents Sell Sheet Sampler: Fascinating clip from documentary 'Shredded' posted at Film and Video Marketplace Blog, saying, "5-minute clip that provides a unusual glimpse into the problem of body-image for teenage males, and warns about steroid use."

Woman Tribune presents Anti-Aging Miracle: No More Needles or Doctors posted at Woman Tribune

Joshua Wagner presents Instant Gratification Doesn’t Always Mean Instant Success posted at Total Possibility, saying, "In a world of Million Dollar Prizes, and surgeries that can make us skinny in a few months, we have gotten used to the idea of instant gratification. The problem with instant gratification is that it often has consequences down the line that are not always foreseeable, nor is instant gratification as fulfilling as actually doing the work necessary to achieve true success. It is the difference between robbing a bank and earning a paycheck- one comes with potentially dire consequences, and the other, while taking a bit longer, achieves the same ends through a meaningful expression of our abilities."

Rob Moshe presents Live Your Best Life By Serving Others posted at Rob Schaumer

Rich Vosler presents How to get more belief in yourself posted at Sales Training Tips

Frederic Patenaude presents posted at fredericpatenaude, saying, "Here are some great tips.I'm sure you'll use a few."

Shaheen Lakhan presents The Huckabee Diet: A Flawed Model of Health Advocacy posted at GNIF Brain Blogger presents 7 Days to a Healthy Life posted at 4kg in 7 Days


darryl heron presents 17 Recipe Ideas for Your Playoff Party posted at Systems Overload, saying, "Here is a post that I did about throwing a healthy NFL Playoff party, this could certainly be applied to the upcoming College Basketball March Madness."

Tupelo Kenyon presents Finally the Truth About Diet – The China Study Review posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Finally, here’s an authoritative diet and nutrition book based on hard science and exhaustive research. This revealing book is written by one of the world’s most respected authorities in the field of nutrition. In his own words, he has been “in the system for almost fifty years, at the very highest levels, designing and directing large research projects, deciding which research gets funded and translating massive amounts of scientific data into national expert panel reports.” There is so much useful information in this book, I consider it one of the most important books I have ever read and give it my highest recommendation. "

Levi Bloom presents How To Eat Healthy At Fast Food Joints posted at, saying, "How to eat healthy when you can't avoid fast food joints."

Anne-Marie presents 5 weight loss snippets - freebies, a contest, and a healthier grapefruit and shrimp recipe posted at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet

Kavit Haria presents 5 Ways To Quit Eating Junk Food posted at Wellness Junction by Kavit Haria

FitBuff presents Fast Food Friday - Eat This, Not That posted at's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, "Fast food on a health and fitness blog? Yes, and no. No, you absolutely shouldn't ever eat it again, but, yes, you probably will at some point. Here's how to make sure your stop at the golden arches doesn't send you straight to the golden arches in the sky!"

Weight Loss

Tip Diva presents Top Ten Tips - Losing Weight posted at Tip Diva, saying, "Starting a diet… Wait… Let’s start that over. Changing your eating lifestyle is tough. Nobody likes to change such an important part of their life. But you know you need to especially if you’re obese. Here are some tips to help."

David presents Weight Loss Hypnosis: Lose Weight Hypnosis Explained posted at SELF HYPNOSIS: Weight Loss, Quit Smoking Self Hypnosis!

Benard presents Self Hypnosis: How to Perform Self Hypnosis posted at SELF HYPNOSIS: Weight Loss, Quit Smoking Self Hypnosis!

TheNourisher presents A Life Unburdened: Getting Over Weight and Getting On With My Life by Richard Morris posted at Nourished Magazine, saying, "What happens when a fat man who’s failed at all the diets stops blaming his lack of willpower and figures out that all the expert advice on dieting is wrong?"

hakadoru presents REVIEW: Fat Loss Pros posted at The Outdoor Journey, saying, "A review of the audio series "Fat Loss Pros" which features interviews with 18 of the top physique coaches in the U.S. Great information although the audio quality could be improved."

Peta Fletcher presents 15 Tips For Losing Weight After A Twin Pregnancy posted at Twin Blog

Paul Heingarten presents What Should You Look For In An Online Workout Program? posted at Workoutebooks, saying, "If you choose to join a weight loss program to give you the support necessary to assist you to shed those extra pounds then you might well elect to join a web-based program. But just what can you expect from a web-based program?"

Body For Life Results presents Body For Life Results - Weight Loss Blog » Blog Archive » 49 Tried And Tested Weight Loss Tips posted at Body For Life Results - Weight Loss Blog

Dr Martin W. Russell presents The Strange Behavior Of Anorexia - Part 1 posted at Dr Martin W. Russell

That concludes this edition. Look for the next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on March 1st. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

5 Rules of Gym Etiquette

1. Be quiet.

2. Clean off the machines.

3. Be careful when handling weights.

4. Share the equipment.

5. Watch your odor.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Health stuff

Hey guys. I've created an Amazon store that I wish you would just check out. It contains some of my personal favorite health videos, books, weights, and work-out equipment. You can order some great gifts.
Just check it out here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How Strong Are You??

Pushups are an excellent indicator of your muscular strength.
Men and women can perform the following test, but will perform it differently: Men will assume the full-body pushup position, with hands shoulder-width apart, back straight, toes on the ground. Women, meanwhile, will perform a "knees pushup"—identical to the men's in the upper body, but abbreviated below so that their knees are on the ground.
Once the basic set-up is mastered, simply perform as many pushups as possible in two
minutes, keeping the back straight and, lowering the body until the chin touches the ground. Don’t let the stomach touch, though. On the way up, be sure to completely straighten the arms—bending them so that only half a pushup is performed is not allowed.
Once the two minutes are up, you’ll want to record your score and see how you’ve done. It’s a bit complex, as age and gender affect the evaluation.

For Women: Pushups
Rating Age 20 - 29 Age 30 - 39 Age 40 - 49 Age 50 +
Excellent > 43 > 40 > 36 > 32
Good 39 - 43 35 - 40 32 - 36 28 - 32
Fair 21 - 38 17 - 34 12- 31 10 - 27
Poor < 21 < 17 < 12 < 10

For Men: Pushups
Rating Age 20 - 29 Age 30 - 39 Age 40 - 49 Age 50 +
Excellent > 80 > 73 > 66 > 58
Good 71 - 80 64 - 73 56 - 66 49 - 58
Fair 47 - 70 41 - 63 34 - 55 30 - 48
Poor < 47 < 41 < 34 < 30

Monday, February 4, 2008

Do you like a massage?

I have never felt anything that feels as good a good massage. I could lay down all day while someone massages me. However, they are not cheap. I, along with most average people, cannot afford a massage everyday. Not by a human anyway. There is a way to enjoy a great massage everyday, though. Massage Chairs from Human Touch are the most advanced and up-to-date of their class. They replicate the closest feel to a human massage than any other chair you will feel. The following is a list of the things Human Touch Massage Chairs are known for:
• Amazingly human-like massage that replicates the rolling, kneading, compression and percussion techniques of massage professionals
• A full-body massage that follows the contours of your spine and body from neck to foot
• Unique three-dimension movements provide maximum relief to sore, tight muscles
• Multiple automatic programs that allow you to customize massage area, intensity and techniques used
• Intuitive controls that put you in command of your massage experience.
I highly recommend these chairs.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Body Image

We all want to look our best, but a healthy body is not always linked to appearance. In fact, healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes! Changing your body image means changing the way you think about your body. At the same time, healthy lifestyle choices are also key to improving body image.

* Healthy eating can promote healthy skin and hair, along with strong bones.
* Regular exercise has been shown to boost self-esteem, self-image, and energy levels.
* Plenty of rest is key to stress management.

Weight Management and Fitness Forum - 10th Edition

Welcome to the 10th Edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We had the most submissions ever for this edition. Thank you all for your participation. Without you this forum would not be possible. Hope you enjoy the selections!


Frederic Patenaude presents 24-Hour Special for Lightning Speed Fitness Program posted at Frederic Patenaude Talks, saying, "It is amazing what these simple exercises can do to define your muscle, help you lose weight, and feel more energy!"

Carl presents My 15 Biggest Fitness Mistakes of 2007 posted at, saying, "My biggest (and most common) fitness mistakes of 2007."

Tupelo Kenyon presents » How to Accelerate Manifestation posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Whenever a new desire or grand plan is born within us, the tendency is to share it with others. Every time we talk about it, the energy of the dream seems to deflate a little more, until it becomes merely a topic of idle chatter. Why is that? How can we add to the excitement and urgency of our dreams instead, and speed up their manifestation? (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus song selections with lyrics related to each article – all free.)"

Carey Yang presents Top 10 Ways to Beat the New Year's Resolution Syndrome posted at Carey for Fitness

Terri Holley presents Deflating Your Excuses Not to Exercise posted at The Health and Life Mixing Bowl

General Health

jay Groce presents Call me Chubbie posted at Unfocused Content

Jose DeJesus MD presents Launching an Employee Wellness Program posted at Physician Entrepreneur

MT presents New Year Health Care Resolutions posted at MT Herald Dot Com

Hung Nguyen presents My Decision to Become Vegetarian posted at Meaningful Issues in Today's World, saying, "This post looks at my path to becoming a vegetarian. I focus primarily on the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. In the process (without changing my exercise pattern and without starving myself) I lost about 35 pounds, going from 180 to 145.

Ciara Carruthers presents Day 2 - Raw Food Blog Journal Thingy posted at Ciara Does Raw, saying, "My raw food journey attempting to 100% up coffee, dark chocolate and replacing them with green smoothies and salads, and hopefully more energy."

Ali Hale presents Seven quick ways to up your fruit and veg intake, and improve your diet posted at The Office Diet, saying, "Some easy, quick ways for busy people (isn't that all of us?) to eat more fruit and veg. Aimed at office workers, but the ideas work for anyone -- try one of them today!"

Tonie presents Libido and Health posted at Libido and Health, saying, "Who else would like to add 10 to 40 years to your lifespan.."

Donovan Snelleman presents Why you should bring your lunch to work posted at, saying, "A few good reasons why bringing your lunch to work is a much healthier choice then buying it."

Aparna presents Do you grit and grind your teeth? posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "We all use teeth to chew and grind food. But when one starts gritting and gnashing teeth for no particular reason, it is referred to as bruxism."


Samuel Bryson presents Kangaroo Meat – Good For You AND the Environment: posted at Total Wellbeing

Ken Nubo presents How to stop drinking coffee, soda pop and eating junk food Ken Nubo: Ranting of a J-rocker posted at Ken Nubo, PUA extraordinaire and ranting buddhist.

Dan Taylor presents Eat NU~DE: What to Order at a Chinese Restaurant posted at The 45-Year Old Six Pack

Alex M presents Find New Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe posted at HealthOwner: Health & Fitness

Weight Loss

Mitch McDonald presents Weight Loss Exercise And Weight Loss Motivation posted at FYI

Christian Goodman presents The New Way To Lose Weight - How It Works posted at Christian Goodman, saying, "Virtually all weight loss programs out there focus on reducing body fat by dieting or sticking to low-fat meal plans, or increasing body heat by working out. There aren’t any programs that advocate weight loss through increased oxygen intake."

Joshua Seth presents Your 1 Day Weight Loss Challenge posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, ""Are you willing to take the steps that are necessary to improve your health so you can improve your life and live your dreams? If so, then here’s something simple you can do today to improve your health and make you more fit than you were yesterday. Just for today, promise yourself that...""

andrew784 presents 100 Weight Loss Tips & Tricks posted at Personal Hack, saying, "Simple, quick and easy weight loss tips that cover every aspect of weight loss: Physical Activity Level, Eating Habits, and the right weight loss Mindset."

Leon Gettler presents Overworked, overweight posted at Sox First, saying, "Governments and businesses are now looking at various incentives and penalties for employees to lose weight. but all of these are problematic and simplistic. There is no quick fix to this complex problem."

iamstr8fire presents Never Settle For Less - Weight Loss Seminar Q & A posted at Never Settle For Less

Paul presents Review: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, Part 3 posted at Reader reviews of ebooks, saying, "I provide an in-depth review of Tom Venuto's popular ebook, Burn the Fat, covering weight loss and muscle gain. This is part 3 of my review series."

Joshua Seth presents Weight Loss Tips posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of all the misinformation from the weight loss industry causing people to waste their time and money on fad diets that only end up making them fatter! The CDC reports that over 120 million Americans are overweight and the problem is just getting worse. Together we can do something about it. Read on for details…:"

Eric Frey presents How To Jump Start Your Metabolism Without Pills. posted at Eric Frey Dot Com

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on February 16th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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