Monday, February 4, 2008

Do you like a massage?

I have never felt anything that feels as good a good massage. I could lay down all day while someone massages me. However, they are not cheap. I, along with most average people, cannot afford a massage everyday. Not by a human anyway. There is a way to enjoy a great massage everyday, though. Massage Chairs from Human Touch are the most advanced and up-to-date of their class. They replicate the closest feel to a human massage than any other chair you will feel. The following is a list of the things Human Touch Massage Chairs are known for:
• Amazingly human-like massage that replicates the rolling, kneading, compression and percussion techniques of massage professionals
• A full-body massage that follows the contours of your spine and body from neck to foot
• Unique three-dimension movements provide maximum relief to sore, tight muscles
• Multiple automatic programs that allow you to customize massage area, intensity and techniques used
• Intuitive controls that put you in command of your massage experience.
I highly recommend these chairs.

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Alan said...

Great review on a great company. I am a member of the Human Touch Wellness Council and couldn't agree with you more. I own the HT-1650 massage chair by Human Touch and I absolutely love it. It even looks like a real recliner, with the retractable ottoman. And most of their chairs are leather upholstered which really adds a nice, luxurious touch to their chairs. Thanks for the review.
Dr. Alan Weidner