Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't something else

So many people eat when they get upset or depressed. Here are just a few alternatives for you to consider

1. Whenever you get upset, call your best friend for validation. Just having someone listen allows you to vent and get some of the angry feelings out instead of me stuffing them back down with food.
2. Go visit your pet. Don't have a dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, cow, any animal? Go to the park and watch the squirrels!
3. Go on line and look for stuff you like, or download some new workout music from iTunes.
4. Pamper yourself like you would a child—tuck yourself into bed and watch your favorite movies!

Well, I hope these help a little.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 44th Edition

Welcome to the 44th edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We hope you enjoy these selections and come back to Weight Master for our next edition and our other posts.


Steve Faber presents Belly Fat Loser » Dumbbell Workouts – Dumbbell Exercises That Will Have You Bigger, Stronger, and Leaner…Fast posted at Belly Fat Loser.

Stacy presents PTP: Towel Tone Series 1, Abs posted at Deliciously Healthy Everyday.

Mick Hart presents MIND V MUSCLE POWER - Part 2 posted at Mick, saying, "Discover the Ultimate in bodybuilding health tips, strength training techniques PLUS learning about how to do steroid cycles safely."

Martha Jackson presents Open HealthWare: Top 50 Open Courseware Classes on Health and Fitness posted at Nursing Online Degree.

WP presents 7 Powerful Ways to Become a Muscle Building Machine posted at MaxWater, saying, "Not seeing anymore gain in your weight training? Then it's time to revamp your normal routine with these 7 powerful techniques."

Sammy-Jo presents Her Health: Try posted at The Only Number.

Neal Martin presents Martial Arts Fitness: How Much Do You Need? Urban Samurai posted at

Jack presents Urban Fitness posted at Urban Lover, saying, "Some tips for getting fit while living in the inner city."

General Health

SwissTgallery presents Sticking With Your Home Workout Routine posted at healthy diet, saying, "You can often find motivation in dedication. When you truly make up your mind to see something through, it can be motivating. However, on days when the motivation isn�t there, dedication needs to be present to carry you through. Don't give yourself an option to workout, make it a necessity, a daily requirement. More than likely you will find that you will never regret a workout after the fact."

sagarika presents Dimensions of Health posted at Social Work for Mankind.

Darryl Kimball presents If You Don't Give Some Thought To The Body Fat Set Point- You Might Be A Dumb Ass! posted at, saying, "A very powerful article on the Body Fat Set Point. Is there scientific evidence that it exist and what is the best way to change it. Don't spend another dime on weight loss products and don't start another diet until you read this article on the body fat set point!"

Guy Mackenzie presents The real cost of smoking posted at SlimCo Weightloss Blog.

Alvin Hopkinson presents Natural Cures UTI - Addressing the UTI Root Causes are the Best Natural Cures posted at UTI Natural Remedies, saying, "Most UTI cases are due to E coli infections, and the root cause of the problem often involves poor hygiene. Therefore, most of the natural cures UTI specialists recommend are concerned with proper hygiene, as well as lifestyle and diet changes."

Kelsey Grace presents Top 10 Anti-Aging Supplements posted at Vitamins, saying, "I am a young nutrition enthusiast looking to get established as a top quality person in the vitamin and nutrition business. I would appreciate any ideas and or opportunties."

pankaj gupta presents Top 5 'Lifehack' Bloggers for Your Health and Wellness posted at Best masters in healthcare.

Mike Wheeler presents Brain Stroke Clinical Trial Using Stem Cells posted at Brain Stimulant.

ESN presents 11 Anti-Stress Techniques You Can Use Right Now posted at Massage Therapy Schools.

Brooklyn White presents Why Drugs Don’t Work as They Should posted at Pharmacy Technician Schools Online.


Dr Tooth presents Avoid Tooth Decay with Dental Chewing Gum posted at WorlDental, saying, "Stimulating saliva is probably the greatest benefit for teeth a chewing gum can bring. This powerful protector of your oral cavity is essential for having healthy teeth and a good breath."

Alisha Harmann presents What Are Superfoods? Top 10 Facts (and Myths) posted at My Health.

Lauren presents You Really Are What You Eat: Your Diet Is 80% Responsible For How You Look And Feel - Holiday Honey posted at Holiday Honey, saying, "It's what's "inside," that counts!"

kevinreznor presents Nathane Jackson Personal Fitness Toronto - Helpful Hints / Nutrient Timing posted at Nathane Jackson, saying, "Fitness model and dual sport athlete Nathane Jackson provides some tips on nutrient timing for workouts."

Weight Loss

Tom Rooney presents Do You Sabotage Your Weight Loss? posted at Home Fitness Body.

Strenua presents Could starting your aerobic session with weights increase fat burning? posted at Strenua's World.

Craig Harper presents Looking in the Mirror posted at Motivation - Renovate your life with Craig, saying, "“But Craig, you don’t understand my situation or my genetics” people will often say to me. And my reply will be, “if you choose to eat more food than you need, to put junk in your mouth, to drink alcohol often, to not exercise consistently, to ignore what you know, to be a victim, to be all about the problem and not the solution and to never finish what you start, then you’ve chosen your present physical reality – whatever that is.”"

robert galway presents Common Mistakes posted at, saying, "The Atkins diet is one of the simplest weight loss plans to follow. Although the principles are clearly set out in the books, there are some common misconceptions that occur for dieters. These mistakes can make a big difference in the amount of weight you lose and effectiveness of the diet overall. If Atkins isn"

Lucky Tuff presents Want Some Information on How to Lose Weight Fast? posted at How to lose weight fast - weight loss tips, saying, "Are you trying to figure out how to lose weight fast? Then you should know that there is no perfect weight loss tips that everyone should follow. This is simply because everyones body type is different. We all have diverse body types, various energy levels, different metabolic rates and varied dietary requirements. There are of course some proven techniques which if followed religiously can give positive results...."

Pat Jonson presents Weight Loss Boosters Newsletter posted at How to lose weight fast - weight loss tips, saying, "Here Is Your Chance to Get That Strong, Healthy Body You Have Been Longing For. You will learn..."

Daisy Roy presents HCG Recipes - Slim Fast Diet Plan posted at How to lose weight fast - weight loss tips, saying, "Most probably you want to lose weight. Well it is just natural for us to be conscious of our physical looks. We want to look just right in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. Good thing there is this plan..."

Andy presents 5 Binge Eating Recovery Tips posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "Binge eating recovery might seem hard or even impossible espeically if you’ve tried and failed in the past. Many binge eaters spend years trying to recover and only make little or no progress. The following 5 tips are going to save you years of trial and error when trying to stop binge eating."

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on July 12th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of weight management and fitness forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 43rd Edition

Welcome to the 43rd edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. Thank you for everyone's participation. We hope you enjoy this edition's articles and come back to Weight Master for our next edition and our other informative posts.


Vishwas Madhuvarshi presents 13 Minute Workout to a Healthy Mind and Body posted at I Live Easy . com / blog, saying, "A 13 minute fitness routine that works."

Mick Hart presents The Mick Hart Flexibility Training Routine posted at Mick, saying, "Get the best bodybuilding health tips and training techniques as well as learning about how to do steroid cycles safely."

pnreddy presents Why General Fitness Is A Big Part Of Building Good Abs? posted at Fitness Health

Alvina Lopez presents 100 Tips and Tricks to Sneak in a Work Out at Work posted at Masters of Healthcare.

stephen todd presents Weight Management With Exercise posted at Weight Loss.

General Health

FitJerk presents Build Self Confidence In Mere Weeks! The Newbie Self Conscious Drill posted at FlawlessFitness, saying, "Do you feel you lack confidence or self worth? It's a hard thing to admit. Here is an awesome technique to boost self confidence in weeks! A more confident you will be respected & admired no matter WHAT you look like."

Darryl Kimball presents Weight Loss 4 Dumb Asses - My Dumb Ass Work Out Book - Are You Mentally Conditioned to Stay Overweight? posted at, saying, "Has the constant advertising of the diet, weight loss, and fitness industry convinced you that losing weight is difficult. Have you been convinced that it takes a lot of time, or that it is just too hard, or that it takes money to lose weight? Perhaps you have allowed yourself to become mentally conditioned to stay overweight!"

Lucy presents Uncovering the True You posted at Lucy's Life, saying, "Why do so many of us not truly know ourselves?"

Outshined presents Vegetarianism posted at Personal Web Guide, saying, "Vegetarianism gives us so many benefits in our lives, as well as the environment around us, that it's a wonder more people don't flock to it. This articles explores what vegetarianism is, the author's thoughts in converting to a vegetarian lifestyle, and the life-long benefits it can provide to your health."

Heavy Trucker presents Massage Helps Reduce Stress Levels And Pain posted at Trucker Health and Fitness, saying, "Article contents are written from personal experience with this type of therapy with fantastic results."


Susan Johnston/Julie Salickram/Allan-Michael Brown/Megan Johnson/Chris Gesualdi presents posted at, saying, "Now that warm weather is returning to Boston, this is prime time for al fresco dining. Here's a list of 5 favorite Boston outdoor restaurants."

Darwin presents Will Resveratrol Benefits Create the Biggest Blockbuster Drug Ever? posted at Darwin's Finance, saying, "This article highlights how the "fountain of life" drug resveratrol with weight loss benefits may be the biggest blockbuster drug ever - but thinks about supplements vs FDA approved source."

Megan Wong presents SINUS HOME REMEDY##SINUS DRAINAGE>> Eat your way out of your sinus infection symptoms – a simple 5-day detox plan posted at Sinus Home Remedy.

Randy Cowel presents Master Cleanse Ingredients posted at Juice Cleanse, saying, "Learn from this blog how to take care of your health by preparing nutritious food that you need daily"

Szabolcs Illes presents The TWO Things You Should Do If You Want to Lose Weight! posted at Blog.

Banquet Manager presents Beyonce and the Krispy Kreme Donut posted at So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager....

Steve Faber presents Fish Oil SIde Effects - Read This Now! posted at Belly Fat Loser.

Weight Loss

Roy Schwartz presents Using The Internet to Lose Weight posted at A Disease A Day.

Daniel James presents Fad Diets That Work! posted at Weight Loss Dude.

Lana Soko presents The Glycemic Index and the Glycemic Load posted at Lanasoko's Blog.

robert galway presents Pros and Cons of the Atkins diet posted at, saying, "Pros and cons of the Atkins dietThe Atkins diet is one of the most popular low carbohydrate diets on the market today. Its popularity has sparked dozens of look-a-like diets who center on the same principles of high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating. There are a lot of fish in the sea when it comes to choosing a low-carbohydrate plan."

Joshua presents How to Help Your Child Lose Weight posted at Family and Parenting, saying, "Childhood obesity is an epidemic. Here are some tips on how to help your child lose weight."

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on June 28th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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