Saturday, August 30, 2008

Diet Pill

Those of you that are my regular readers know that I think the best way to lose weight is with an all natural method of exercise and healthy eating habits. However, I am aware that some people feel that they need a little help to get started or to boost their weight loss, and they use diet pills. One of the most popular diet pills that I have heard about recently is apidexin. For more information and a comprehensive review of this diet pill I suggest you visit Apidexin Review. Apidexin combines eight of the most effecitive weight loss ingredients including Di-Caffeine Malate, Guggul EZ-100, Lipolide-SC, Razberi-K, Thermodiamine, ForsLean, Fucoxanthin, and Bioperine. The review on this site lists all the ingredients and tells how they work, gives pros and cons, consumer testimonials, and an honest conclusion about Apidexin's overall effectiveness. If you are considering using a diet pill and have thought about Apidexin I definitely suggest you read this review.

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 24th Edition

Welcome to the 24th edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. As always, we appreciate everyone's participation. We have many very well written and informative articles included in this edition. We hope you enjoy the selections and come back to Weight Master for our daily posts and for our next edition of this forum.


Weight Ladder / Rich Leverage presents 6 Ways to Tell When Exercise Is Hurting You Health, Fitness, Exercise, and Weight Loss (68 pounds in 16 weeks) posted at Weight Ladder.

ElleAtDefiningSomeday presents If I’m Going to Exercise, It Better Be Fun! defining someday posted at Defining Someday, saying, "List of ways to exercise - for fun!"

jdixson presents Ellen vs. Running posted at Paunchiness - Get Rid of the Belly Fat

Cindy Posey presents P&S: How to Get Rid of Mommy Tummy? posted at Go Workout Mom, saying, "To achieve a flat tummy is more than performing a set of exercises. When following this three step approach, anyone can achieve a flat tummy."

General Health

Health Blogger presents Live A Healthy, Happy, and Rich Life By Practicing Moderation posted at Health and Fitness Blog

Mike Wheeler presents Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation posted at Brain Stimulant, saying, "Using a non-invasive way to stimulate the brain and shed the pounds. "

Marsha Hudnall presents Obesity: Reports Show Obesity Rates Up in 37 States posted at A Weight Lifted, saying, "report shows the need to promote healthy lifestlye program."


fightingfatigue presents » Vitamin D Deficiency - A Disease of Neglect posted at Fighting Fatigue

Metro-lite presents The 7 habits of highly effective dieters posted at Metro-Lite.

Philip Segal presents Student Lunchtime: Things are Looking Up posted at Healthy Vending in Schools by YoNaturals

Joshua Seth presents How Not To Lose Weight posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "I got to the hotel just now and everything’s closed except for the bar. Only typical bar food is available: chicken wings, nachos, fried chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, etc. What a choice. Don’t eat and let my metabolism"

Weight Loss

Nadege presents Lose your weight naturally posted at Clearly Envision

AndrewB presents Hate Your Reflection in the Mirror? Stop Overeating Start Losing Weight posted at test, saying, "You are trying on some clothing in the fitting room or a department store and all of a sudden you notice those extra pounds you have gained recently. It stinks. In this article I share how to stop overeating and start losing weight."

Sandra Ahten presents The Reasonable Diet posted at Sandra Ahten, saying, "Learn How can we make healthier dieting and weight control a source of pleasure instead of duty? How can we, as Thoreau suggests, take it upon ourselves and bring happiness to this area of our lives?"

Monica presents Getting those Pounds Off posted at Enjoying a Healthy and Balanced Life

Brain Blogger presents Why Your City Planner Is Making You Fat posted at Brain Blogger, saying, "If we as Americans do one thing well, it’s gaining weight. The average United States household now spends roughly 8 hours a day with the television on. That being said, what if there was more to the story?"

fitnchic presents Light dinner - The quickest way to lose weight. :: - Get in Shape Fashionably :: posted at - Get in Shape, Fashionably!

Cin Langston presents Fat Bitch Skinny Bitch? The Psychology and Social Issues Between Them posted at iwant2beaskinnybitch

ivy cruz presents Are "natural" weight-loss aids safe? posted at Health Information

That concludes this edition. Please look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on September 14th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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online casino
You may remember from some of my previous posts that I happen to like to play cards and have come to have an affinity for online casinos. In particular, I enjoy playing blackjack. Sometimes I feel like I need an edge to win and I have found a site that might help: Blackjack cheating. They have articles that tell you how to cheat at blackjack including counting cards. There are also articles on how to spot a cheat, how to report a cheat, and how regulatory commissions monitor cheats in casinos. It is a very informative and interesting site. I had always wondered how people counted cards. I always thought they memorized each card that was played; however, according to this site there is actually a system of pattern counting that is much easier than memorizing cards. I am definitely going to try to use this information to my advantage.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I know you guys have heard about this insurance increase on fat people in Alabama; Alabama of all states. I could not believe this. I could better understand if a state like California or New York, but Alabama is too much. That's where some of the nations finest meals are prepared; however, while other may hate this, it may be a good idea. It may force people to be more healthy, and that is a good thing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I hate...

One thing that really get on my nerves is prank callers. I know that prank calls can be funny, and I've had my share of laughs at prank call recordings, but I do hate to be interrupted from a nap, lunch or a movie by someone joking around. I've always wanted to get the number and call them back at midnight; however, a lot of times the number will not show up. There is a way to find out who is pranking you and search by phone number
. You can also lookup missed calls from unknown phone numbers or an unknown number that appear by prank callers. Now I, and you if you get the service, can get revenge on phone pranksters in the future. Visit for more details.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Small Things To Help

To Improve Nutrition:
1. Buy whole foods -- whether canned, frozen, or fresh from the farm -- and use them in place of processed foods whenever possible.2. Reject foods and drinks made with corn syrup, a calorie-dense, nutritionally empty sweetener that many believe is worse for the body than sugar, says Katz.3. Start each dinner with a mixed green salad. Not only will it help reduce your appetite for more caloric foods, but it also will automatically add veggies to your meal.

To Improve Physical Fitness:
1. Do a squat every time you pick something up. Instead of bending over in the usual way, which stresses the lower back, bend your knees and squat. This forces you to use your leg muscles and will build strength. 2. Every time you stop at a traffic light (or the bus does), tighten your thighs and butt muscles and release as many times as you can. (Don't worry, no one will see it!) This will firm leg and buttock muscles, improve blood flow -- and keep you mildly amused! 3. Whenever you're standing on a line, lift one foot a half-inch off the ground. The extra stress on your opposite foot, ankle, calf and thigh, plus your buttocks, will help firm and tone muscles. Switch feet every few minutes.

To Improve Stress Control:
1. Give your partner a hug every day before work. Studies show this simple act can help you remain calm when chaos ensues during your day, Katz says.2. Have a good cry. It can boost your immune system, reduce levels of stress hormones, eliminate depression, and help you think more clearly.3. Twice a day, breathe deeply for three to five minutes

To Improve Sleep:
1. Sprinkle just-washed sheets and pillowcases with lavender water. The scent has been shown in studies to promote relaxation, which can lead to better sleep.2. Buy a new pillow. Katz says that studies show that pillows with an indent in the center can enhance sleep quality and reduce neck pain. Also, try a "cool" pillow -- one containing either all-natural fibers or a combination of sodium sulfate and ceramic fibers that help keep your head cool.3. Eat a handful of walnuts before bed. You'll be giving yourself a boost of fiber and essential fatty acids along with the amino acid tryptophan -- a natural sleep-inducer.

Cisco Certification

I work in the information technology field. I have a bachelors of business administration degree with a concentration in computer information systems. There are a wide variety of jobs in this field. There is everything from programming (even that has a wide variety of programming languages and platforms) to technical support personnel to network engineers. Currently I work with a telecommunications company as an Information Technology Customer Service Representative. Even though there are so many different types of jobs in this field, there is also a lot of competition for these jobs. When I graduated from college, I spent months trying to find a job. I had many interviews but no offers. So during this time I decided to further my education with IT certifications. Basically these certifications require that you pass a test proving that you have a comprehensive knowledge about the subject matter. There are many different types of IT certifications out there, but I decided to concentrate on the basic entry level certifications of CompTia A+ and CompTia Network+. I did a self-study training for these and then passed the required tests. It was not long after obtaining these certifications that I received several job offers. Having these certifications proved to the potential employers that I had the necessary knowledge to perform the job duties required and changed the outlook of my job search. I have been at my current job for a little over three years now and am starting to look for something more. While working with this telecommunications company, I have become much more interested with the networking side of the IT field. I am thinking about training to obtain Cisco certification to help me to further my career in this field. Cisco is the industry leader in networking technology and equipment. I am thinking about trying to get the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) or the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). These certifications give the skills needed to design, manage, and optimize an enterprise wide network. I feel like this certification could prove that I am capable and prepared for a more advanced career than the one I have now. There are many different training materials, courses, and learning libraries to assist you in obtaining these certifications. I just have to sort out the best way for me to approach these Cisco Certifications that will allow me to stand out from the crowd and further my career.

Sponsored by Cisco


I have been watching some of the Olympics. It is clear that these athletes are in excellent physical shape. The ones I find most impressive are the swimmers and gymnasts. Their total body from their legs to their torso to their arms has to be in good shape to perform the way they do. I found this article on MSN about how to Build a Gold Medal Physique, It gives detailed instructions on how to peform simple exercises that you can do at home. It also gives you a training regimen. I found it very interesting and you might too.

Memory Walk

Alzheimer's is a devastating disease that affects millions in the United States. There is a lady at my church that is suffering the early effects of Alzheimer's. There are times when she forgets where she is or just stares into space. She also forgets who people are including her immediate family. She also understandably seems to suffer from depression and cries a lot. I feel sorry for her and her family, but I try to do my best to encourage them or help them any way I can.

One way that you can help is to take part in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. The Memory Walk is a nationwide campaign held annually in communities across the country to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. There are going to be several in the Middle Georgia area where I am from, including one in Statesboro, Macon, and Perry. It is important to sign up early and consider being a Team Captain and recruit a team and raise funds for this important cause. Since 1989, Memory Walk has raised more than $225 million. Please come and volunteer to take part in this exciting and very worthwhile event.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I cannot wait for football season. Football is my favorite sport. Watching the preseason NFL games have just gotten me even more excited. Both college and high school will be starting in a couple of weeks. My favorite college team the University of Georgia Bulldogs are a unanimous preseason #1 pick in both the Coaches and AP poll. Again that only adds fuel to the fire. I just hope it doesn't get cooled by an untimely loss.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 23rd Edition

Welcome to the 23rd edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. As always we appreciate everyone's participation in this forum. That is what makes this all possible. We hope you enjoy the selections for this edition. We have found them to be very informative and helpful. Enjoy and come back and visit Weight Master for our next edition if not sooner.


Joshua Seth presents Walking To Lose Weight posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "In my book “The Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution” I show you how walking to lose weight can also help you enhance your mood, speed up your metabolism, and provide a wide range of benefits. I even show you how to"

Daryl Laws presents Exercise Pill posted at Daryl Laws

Zoe Anderson presents Find a Pilates Studio or Instructor posted at, saying, "Finding a quality pilates instructor or studio is the key to reaping all of the benefits from the pilates method. Finding that local studio or instructor can be a real task. This article gives away the key to finding that studio and/or instructor as well as a quick finder list."

Tom Tessin presents Ways Students can sneak in Exercise posted at FCC Student Blog, saying, "Learn some simple ways on how college students can sneak in exercise."

General Health

Liz Rosenbaum presents Self Acceptance Is Like A Muscle posted at Liz Rosenbaum Fitness, saying, "Exercise and resistance training is important for our physical bodies, but finding love and self acceptance for ourselves is just as important."

Andrea presents Cancer Fighting Food posted at Buy Organic, saying, "Eating these foods can help reduce your risk of cancer and also help you to maintain a healthy weight."

Dean Moyer presents Mysterious Morning Neck Pain posted at The Back Pain Blog, saying, "A response to one reader's question about Neck Pain that Radiates. In this post we attempt to define neck pain and cervical radiculopathy in a way that the average layman can understand."

Alex Smith presents How to Keep Bears Away posted at TBO-TECH


Usman presents The no-sweat burning method posted at Burn Fat 'n' Build Muscle

Marsha Hudnall presents Healthy Eating: Too Much or Too Little Weight Gain During Pregnancy May Cause Offspring to be Overweight posted at A Weight Lifted

Alex Bo presents The 5 Most High-Calorie Drinks posted at Drink Healthy

Presh Talwalkar presents Why 99 Percent Fat-Free Labels are Misleading posted at Mind Your Decisions, saying, "Fat claims are often made using fat as a percentage of weight rather than as a percentage of calories. Often "healthy" foods are mostly made of fat."

Weight Loss

AndrewB presents How to Stop Overeating How To Stop Eating - Stop Binge Eating posted at test, saying, "Wondering why you never stick to a diet or a healthy eating plan? Maybe you can eat good during the day but overeat on nights and weekends. Well here are 7 tips to help you get your overeating under control."

Lazy Man and Money presents Can the South Beach Diet Supercharge Your Weight Loss? posted at Lazy Man and Health

Stephanie presents How Your Body Sabotaged Your Diet? and what to do about it! posted at 100 Pound Loss, saying, "A few thoughts on the first 2 weeks of a new weight loss program."

yusuf presents PUTTING A STOP TO CHILDHOOD OBESITY posted at everything you need for a healthy living, saying, "What does being obese really mean? When the amount of fat stored in a human body endangers that person's health, he/she is said to be obese."

fitnchic presents Shedding pounds and losing inches - Celebration time!! :: - Get in Shape Fashionably :: posted at - Get in Shape, Fashionably!

Sam presents Diet and Weight Loss. A Successful Plan to Lose Weight and Diet ! Surfer Sam posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, "There are many diet programs available with advice on how to lose weight, eat healthy, and stay fit. As you know, the essentials of a successful diet plan are to eat less and exercise more. Most of the popular diet plans suggest meals of fruits, veggies, hole grains and lean protein. You know you will look better and feel healthier if you could reach your ideal weight. But for some reason you can’t stick to a diet. What excuses do you make for your over-eating?"

Workoutebooks presents Why Don’t I Lose Weight? posted at Workoutebooks

HighGrace presents Tips & Strategies for dieting in the public eye posted at Face to the Sun

TherapyDoc presents Wall-E, Obesity, and The Magic Touch posted at Everyone Needs Therapy

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be published here at Weight Master on August 30th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My cousin and her husband are building a new house. They have it for the most part dried in. It has hardie plank siding colored with a natural wood stain. The shingles are a good grade and have a greenish tint to them. They are trying to decide on what type of exterior shutters to use. I found Larson Shutter Company online. They offer premium quality wood, vinyl and composite exterior shutters in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. The website is very user friendly, and you can order online and get free shipping so you are just as well off ordering online as going to your local building supply store. I am going to suggest my cousin take a look at this site. If I were her, I would go with the dura-vinyl framed board-n-batten style shutter in a pine green color. I think this style shutter would like good with their siding and shingles. If you are building a new home, I suggest you check out Larson Shutter Company for all your exterior shutter needs.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whitehall Mailboxes

I have been looking for a new mailbox for my home. I have looked around at local retailers but just haven't found exactly what I was looking for. However, I have discovered the perfect website for purchasing Whitehall Mailboxes. It is called mailboxixchange. They have lots of beautiful custom mailboxes. They have a wide assortment ranging from decorative columns to wall mounts to traditional single-unit and post packages. They even have mail slots for doors and address plaques for identification purposes. These personalized mailboxes are hand crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum and are original in design. For over 65 years, Whitehall products has been offering originally designed, carved and hand cast products that depict the grace and essence of America’s natural beauty. All of this comes at reasonable prices as well. So if you are looking for a mailbox check out

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Best Diet Pills

I honestly believe the best and safest way to lose weight is proper diet and exercise; however, some people need diet pills in order to lose the first bit of weight. I know several people who have done this. They will take diet pill in order to lose 20 to 40lbs, and then they will quit the pill and just go strictly to exercise and proper diet. Even taking the diet pills, its is better to eat healthy and exercise. There is actually a site that lists the best diet pills. This site,, list the pills and gives a description of each one. The site rates diet pills based on the following criteria: value, safety, weight loss power, ingredient quality, customer feedback, additional benefits, reorder rates, and company reputation. It's a good idea, if you are considering taking diet pills, to visit this site. Of course, from this site you can be directed to the other sites and read in more detail about the different pills. even gives you the cheapest internet price for each diet pill and gives a link to where you can buy it for that price. As I said earlier, I like to promote exercise and proper diet, but, if you need diet pills, visit first.

Online Local Directory

Have you ever needed to find a local business or person but could not find it in the phone book? If you have, then is the website for you. It is like a local yellowpages, business review, and local map service all rolled into one. You can find accurate driving directions, business contact information and hours, as well as an aggregate of reviews from mulitple sites. On the front page there is a section for local featured businesses, recent reviews, local weather, and even local restaurants with their ratings. There is even a classifieds section with real estate and help wanted ads specifically for the local address you specify. I have found the website very helpful and feel that you will too. really is the one-stop site for all of your local searches.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


In today's economy, it is very easy to get deep in debt. Debt is one of the leading causes of stress which is one of the leading caused of health problems. I know so many people, young couples, that are drowning in debt. It always seems that the harder that they try to get out, the more in debt they get. Thank God I had a great mentor, and, so far, the only thing that I owe is my car and a couple of student loans. Believe me, there are plenty of websites offering advise on how to get out of debt; however, the majority of these site do not work. In fact, some get you into more debt.

Freedom Debt Relief is a different kind of site, though. I looked over it and have come to the conclusion that you can actually get informative information from Now I do have issues with a couple of the area, but, for the most part, this site is a good sources. It offers plans to help you get out of debt in twelve to thirty-six months. This sites has information about how to cut you debt by fifty percent in a short time. This site has ways and people to help you daily with finances in order to get you out of debt. Do not settle for bankruptcy. Visit Freedom Debt Relief for help.


Sometimes I get so stressed out, and that is not healthy. When I do need to clear my mind, I can't do like some guys do. I have buddies that like to go fishing or hunting; that to me gives me more time to stress over whatever it is that I was stressed about to begin with. I usually play a video game, throw the ball with my little brother-in-law, or read post online. There is one blog that I've found that's pretty cool. The blog, Essence For Better life...(UNIQUE ICON), is just a simple blog with different types of unique articles. The author may discusses different, but interesting topics. I am sure you can find something that will interest you if you visit this blog.


If you love chocolate and just cannot resist it, I have a tip. Dark cholate is high in antioxidants, and, like other food that are high in antioxidants, it may help prevent the accumulation of fat cells in the body. As you may know, these cells are a precursor to heart disease and obesity. A great way to do it is to melt a half-ounce of dark chocolate in the microve for a few seconds and spread it on half a graham cracker. That way it's only about 100 calories.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I had to attend a job fair for the company I work for. We had one of the worst displays at the fair. Basically we had a small banner taped to a folding table with applications set on top of the table. To be honest I was a little embarrassed. I wish had had one of those nice banner stands like some of the other companies. After this experience I decided I would look on the Internet for some better display ideas. I found a great site called Camelback Displays. They offer all types of trade show displays. They have different shapes, sizes, and lighting for different categories of products and events. The company even offers custom made trusses so you can make practically any size or shape display and make it weight bearing as well. It is really interesting how much is put into these displays, and then compare it to the pathetic display we had at the job fair and it makes me feel even more embarrassed. I am definitely going to suggest my company take a look at Camelback Displays.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 22nd Edition

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We had a record number of article entries for this edition. We had a difficult time narrowing the selections down these. We sincerely appreciate everyone's participation because this forum could not be possible without you. We hope you enjoy the selections.


Dean Moyer presents Aquatic Therapy for Back Pain posted at The Back Pain Blog, saying, "Dean Moyer of The Back Pain Blog explains the advantages and disadvantages of water-based physical therapy in his post Aquatic Therapy for Back Pain."

Toni Graybill presents Microwave Fitness™ #1 posted at Maximize Health and Wealth, saying, "Quick, easy & fun"

Weight Ladder / Rich Leverage presents 5 Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries During Your Workouts posted at Weight Ladder, saying, "Avoid knee injuries and protect yourself with these five tips."

Hiram Perez presents Fitness Experts and Ancient Mariners posted at The Balance-Your-Health Blog, saying, "Make sure your fitness expert is the real thing by taking a lesson from the ancient mariners."

Melinda Stark presents My Thursday arm workout posted at *Melinda's Fitness Blog*

Frederic Premji presents 6 Great Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise posted at

Ethan86 presents Getting In Shape (Sans Movement) posted at Creating Kaizen, saying, "Staying in shape and building muscle through visualization."

Rachel presents Increasing Your Vertical posted at How To Jump Higher, saying, "Ideas on how to increase your vertical jump."

General Health

Eden Danielson presents Detox Tea posted at

fightingfatigue presents » Alternative to Exercise with CFS posted at Fighting Fatigue

Health Blogger presents Healing My Chronic Shoulder and Neck Pain Through Diet and Exercise posted at Health and Fitness Blog

Marsha Hudnall presents Diabetes: Half of Americans Have Gene that Affects how Body Burns Sugar posted at A Weight Lifted

Jerome Ryan presents Personal Trainers Have Fitness Struggles Too, Part 1 posted at Dating Tips, Fitness Tips, Daily Blog of the

Sagar Satapathy presents 50 Quick and Easy Ways to Calm Your Anxiety posted at NOEDb: Nursing Online Education Database

mediamonkey presents How to improve your Health: Healthy tips and tricks posted at How to: tips, tricks & recipes, saying, "Small changes to your lifestyle will benefit your overall health in the long term. Once you begin to feel the benefits of your lifestyle changes, you will want to include even more healthy habits. Here are 5 easy steps you can take towards leading a healthier lifestyle."


Yongho Shin presents How To Kickstart Your Metabolism With 0% Effort posted at One Crumb, saying, "Here is an easy, free way to raise your metabolism, while hardly changing your diet at all!"

Joshua Seth presents Healthy Snacks posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "Having a snack between meals doesn't have to mean ruining your weight loss plan with a bunch of empty
calories. There are alternatives to grabbing a candy bar or handful of chips"

Liz Rosenbaum presents Eat Your Vegetables The Way You Eat Your Fruit posted at Liz Rosenbaum Fitness, saying, "I would love to be included in this carnival. Thanks!"

axel presents Health And Food posted at axel g

Alex G presents Authentic Self Discovery. Become who you want to be. Quality LifeStyle Design. Building Confidence, Character and Self-Respect. posted at Authentic Self Discovery. Becoming Who You Want To Be., saying, "Recipe for a simple russian potato based vegetable soup."

Heather Johnson presents Diet Tips for Summer posted at Weight Loss Success Stories

Lisa Spinelli presents Eating Healthy Without Being Wealthy- Avocados posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance

TheResidualIncomeLifestyle presents Coconut Berry Feast Smoothie posted at Residual Income Lifestyle Blog

Mark Trotter presents The Problem of Snacking in the Workplace posted at YoNaturals Healthy Vending

Eden Danielson presents Asian Detox Secrets posted at

Weight Loss

Blake Hagen presents Simplicity Travels Far posted at

Elizabeth Day presents Lose weight with Coconut Oil? posted at Elizabeth Day

fitnchic presents Wanna lose weight? Miracles don't work :: - Get in Shape Fashionably :: posted at - Get in Shape, Fashionably!

ranaesheart presents 146 Pounds Worth Of Weight Loss Success Tips! posted at Ranaesheart~Weight Loss Blog

barry017 presents catabolic training posted at Luke Barry, saying, "This is a workout designed to break down fat. It is coupled with a nutrition plan to optimize fat loss."

Linda Riley presents 8 Best Free Weight Loss Tools on the Internet Today posted at Weight Loss Insider: Weight Loss Pills, Diets and Programs Reviewed

jhay presents Weight Loss: How to Start posted at Health Assistant, saying, "weight loss is fun but it takes dicipline to do it"

Chief Family Officer presents Weight Watchers Week Two: So far, so good posted at Chief Family Officer.

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on August 16th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Roctober Holiday

I and a couple of friends host a Christian event in Swainsboro, Ga for the area youth. This is the third year we've done this. We have Christian Rock Bands to come in and play. This year it has gotton huge. We've been able book a couple of national touring bands, Seventh Day Slumber and Chasen. The main concert will start at 7 pm. We also have 4 local band that will start playing at 2:30, and we have kids stuff, like these huge blow up slides and stuff. It's gotten bigger that we three local boys can handle. ALL the profits go to the Children's Hospital. If anyone is interested in donating a little to the cause, leave me a comment, and I can send you some more information on the event. Any help is greatly appreciated.