Thursday, May 31, 2007


What is going on with people today? How stupid, excuse me, can folks get? I mean, what kind of idiot would board an international flight with a serious and very contagious strain of TB? He should be locked up. If he is so careless and selfish that he would potentially expose so many people to this disease and risk their health, than he should be dealt with like a criminal. Not only that, but this could send a message, an idea, to terrorist. This guy was in the system and should never have been allowed on the flight; so what does that truly say about the security? Hopefully everyone exposed will check out o.k. Although I've been too busy to really exercise as I would like, I'm still doing all I can to maintain my weight and stay healthy. That's all I can do. Stay safe.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hammock Chair

I've found a new way to relax guys. I discovered it on my trip to Charleston. There was a guy with a hammock chair on the beach. He let me borrow it for a while and it was one of the most relaxing things I have ever sat in. It was almost like I was floating on air. Of course I was very tired from all that walking up and down the beach we were doing. So when I got home I decided I would buy a hammock for myself. I decided to do some research on the internet before I bought one and the best site I found was It has information about all the different types of hammocks and what they are made out of. I've read through all the descriptions and I think I have decided on getting a portable hammock. That way I can use it at home to relax after a workout or I can take it on my next trip to the beach. I am probably going to go with one of the more popular brands such as hatteras hammocks. If you guys have never sat or laid in a hammock, you have got to try it, and before you get one of your own, I strongly encourage you to read up about them on
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What happens to time??

When you have little to do, the days last 30 hours, but when you're swamped, the days last 4 hours. Why is that? There's no way I can get finished with all I have to do. Will I ever get to see the gym again? I know what you're thinking? "Then why are you blogging?" I don't care how busy you are, you have to have a break from work. I do anyway, I'd go crazy otherwise. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to be cautious about what I eat until I'm able to go back to the gym, right.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PPP Direct

You guys may remember one of my previous post where I talked about blogging for extra income. I a site called smorty; however, I've found a much better site. Some of you may have heard of it. It's called Pay Per Post, and it's the perfect place to make money blogging. There are always opportunities and articles to write. Of course, the higher your page rank, the more money you can make, but, even with a page rank of 3, you can make a great extra income. PayPerPost is a good way maximize your blogging profits while having a service that will make sure you get paid for your work.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, today has been a hassle. I've barely had time to eat, which I guess is a good thing being that I pretty much pigged out this weekend. We have deadlines to meet, but no one seems to have things together. We're supposed to have the budget for FY08 in really soon, but the big shots in the state office hasn't given us the information on how much money to budget for what. It's crazy. They've had plenty of time to get this crap together, and yet they expect us to put it together in a couple of day. I guess that's what you do if you have the power.


Ok guys. I know everybody likes free gifts and I've found a site that lets you play a game to win prizes: It is really simple to play. All you do is find a prize that you want a place a bid on it. You can bid with either your computer or text message with your cell. The person with the lowest unique bid wins. You don't have to pay for the amount bid or for shipping. It is completely free. The prizes range from HDTVs to designer bags to cash prizes. It is not a sweepstakes or an actual auction. You just try to get the lowest unique bid amount. If someone else bids the same as you then you bid again. The only catch that I've found is you have to view ads in order to bid. But viewing a couple of ads is a small nuisance when you win an HDTV and they ship it to you for free. Check it out.

Weekend workout

Ok, so I didn't actually go to the gym, run, or ride my bike this holiday weekend, but I didn't trim shrubs all day yesterday. If you don't already know, trust me, that's better than any workout you can get at the gym. My shoulder, lower back and legs are so sore today. I think I almost dehydrated. When I finally got something to drink, I think I must've drank a gallon of sweet tea. That was about the extint of my weekend. I went to a graduation party Saturday night and a graduation Sunday night, but that was my exciting weekend. Hope everyone had a great one.

Digital Framez

I think everone I know has a digital camera; however, really the only way you could look at the pictures is by printing them all off and storing in an album. You could huddle around the computer with family and friends and open hundreds of files. Now digital photo frame is here.

This is a great site that offers you the ability to constantly display all you great photos in all areas of your home. With your digital picture frame, you can set the period of time, the order and the transitions that you want your pictures. is easy and affordable. All you have to do is take your photos, transfer your memory card into your digital frame, select your favorite slide show, and sit back and enjoy.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Kingman Spyder MR-2

I just got a Kingman Spyder MR-2 paintball gun. It is pretty cool as you can see in the video. I just wish I had known about Ultimate Paintball before I bought it. This site has everything you need for paintball. They have good prices too. I could have saved almost 10% if I had bought mine through Ultimate Paintball. They have good packages that include the gun along with all the necessary accessories. They have free shipping on most orders and good telephone support as well. They carry all the best brands such as Tippmann, Spyder, Smart Parts, Dye, Halo, Empire, and Draxxus. From now on I'll be getting my paintball supplies from Ultimate Paintball.

Back to normal routine

Now that teeball is finished for the year, I can finally start going back to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm glad it's over with. I love working with the children, but, after a while, it just gets aggrevating. The children can be sweet and cute, but there are a couple that are just smart butts. It's hard to keep 5 and 6 year old's attention much longer than about 25 mins. I'm just glad it over with, and I finally get to start my normal workout routine back.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting the Most Out of Big Screen TVs

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My Fitness Pal

As we all know, losing weight and watching calories can be very difficult and aggrevating; however, I've found maybe the easiest and most effective calorie counter on the web. My Fitness Pal is an absolutely,100% free site that allows you to keep track of the food you eat and the activity you do each day. It's a proven fact that if you're able to record and track your food intake, you will lose more weight. Every single dieting program on the market suggest some kind of diet diary and activity log, but, you know, without the correct tools, this can be time consuming and tedious. provides an easy and quick way to log your meals and activities.

This system actually learns from you. Over time, we all eat basically the same foods. remembers the foods you've eaten the most in the past making it easier to add those foods to your log again and track your meals. This calorie counter will teach you the nutritional contents of the food and how to eat healthier. All of this is 100% free; so it sure can't hurt to check it out.

Weight Training

I'm not a body builder or anything, nor do I subscribe to muscle magazine with all these workout programs to follow. I'm not even sure I work out properly. I do try to make sure I bench and squat at least once a week. I think those two are the most important. I usually bench twice a week--at the first of the week, heavy; in the middle of the week, light. I don't have my days laid out where I work legs one day, chest the next, arms the next and back the next. Usually I work my chest, back and a little arms on the same day. Then I usually work legs, back and a little chest. Then I will work arms and chest. I try to throw in abs everyday I workout. Of course I warm up and end the workout with cardio. I'm sure that's not the proper way to workout, but it works for me. Any of you guys have any helpful tips?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ab Exercises

The majority of people I talk to say they would just like a flatter stomach. I've listed below the top ten ab exercises. If you do these, I promise you, in a couple of months, you'll be able to tell a difference. Now, I don't have time to explain each one, but you can google each one and find out the proper technique.
1. Bicycle Exercise
2. Captain's Chair
3. Exercise Ball Crunch
4. Vertical Leg Crunch
5. Torso Track
6. Long Arm Crunch
7. Reverse Crunch
8. Full Vertical Crunch
9. Ab Rocker
10. Plank on Elbows and Toes


I've been interested in creating my own online store; however, I haven't been able to find the software that I like. Just yesterday, I came across some great shopping cart software. As anyone can tell, I do not know much about ecommerce software, but Ashop is extremely easy to understand and set up. Ashop Commerce,, is web based, so no installation is required; it's affordable, accepts credit cards online, provides thousands of features that are easy to use, offers fully customisable design, and, best of all, offers a 10 day FREE trial. At Ashop Commerce, merchants can build an online store that is competitive with the webs most powerful sites for a simple, low monthly fee. Ashop Commerce is one of the most intuitive shopping cart software in the world, and it provides the most modern and relevant advice you need to start or advance your online business. If you're interested, or think you might be interested, in creating an online store and need great shopping cart software, you should definitely visit

Monday, May 21, 2007

Beach Trip

A buddy of mine and I went to Charleston, SC this past weekend. We got there Friday, and Saturday we went to Folly Beach. We stayed there literally all day. It was the longest I'd ever stayed at the beach. I know for some of you, that's nothing, but I usually just stay like three or four hrs. I haven't been to the gym since last tuesday, but I promise you that walking downtown Charleston and on the beach, plus swimming and fighting the waves, made up for not going to the gym. I betcha we walked 800 miles and burnt a couple million calories. By 7:00 pm Saturday, I could't walk, because my feet hurt so bad. I had little cuts all on the bottom of them. My right hill was bleeding, but we had a blast. Then Sunday, we parked downtown on Market Street, ate lunch, and then walked to the aquarium. Now I'm not sure exactly how far of a walk that was, but it was further that we anticipated. We had a good time though.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bruised but good

So I finally was able to return to the gym after my elbow injury. It's black, blue, purple and green, but it feels good. I done lite curls, bench, butterflies, and worked abs, and my elbow didn't bother me. It's still sore, but as far as it hurting, it doesn't. I guess ice, tylenol extra strenght, and a heating pad really work. My chest is really sore, because I haven't worked out in over a week. I've tried lately to really work on my strength. I not just a strong person, but I've never really worked on my strenght. I've always been the one who does more reps. lately I've done like 5 set of 6 reps of heavier weight. Does anyone know a better way to build strength? If you have any suggestion, let me know. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hawaiian Dream Vacation

I had some time to kill today so I started dreaming about a hawaiian vacation. I come across while surfing the internet. It is a pretty cool site. They have lots of listings for rental homes in hawaii. What I like about these listings are that they are rental homes and not large condos or hotels. With these homes you would have some privacy and be able to get away from the crowds and just enjoy the beautiful scenery. They have listings for hawaii beachfront cottages as well as ones with mountain views and pools. They have packages already made up and prices for airfare and car rental. One of the other big advantages is it is run by locals that have insight into the best locales and events. You don't have to talk to some robot or automated CSR. They have everything you need to plan your dream vacation. I played around with their site for a while before I remembered that at this point in my life I can't afford a vacation to hawaii. However, I bookmarked for my future dream vacation.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Funny things to do at the gym

Yesterday at the, I noticed how serious some people can be about their workout. I like to workout and take it seriously, but, man do some people take it to another level. It's hilarious to me to hear some big man grunt and hollor as he lifts heavy weight. I started thinking about things that I could do to maybe lighten the mood in the gym. Here are just a few.
1) Use a beer bottle for you water bottle.
2) Wear some kind of head protection.
3) Pick up the lightest dumbells and grunt like they weight 100lbs.
4) Pay attention on this one; it has several steps. First load the bench with an
incredible amount of weight. Stretch thoroughly. Get a swig of water. Lay down on
the bench. Take deep breaths. Then your watch alarm goes off that you've
previously set, and you unload the bar and move to the next exercise.
5) Bring a partner who will control your actions using a remote.
6) Count your reps starting from some weird number like 330.
7) Bring a huge suitcase to the gym instead of a gym bag.
8) Instead of workout gloves, us the plastic, one-size-fits-all gloves
9) Do one and only rep at every machine. Pretend to be very busy and serious.
Now, I don't know about you, but I think some of those are funny. I probably will not have the nerve to try all of them, but I will try a couple of them.


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Monday, May 14, 2007

Poker Habit

OK guys. Confession Time. I am a poker junkie. I love watching the World Championship of Poker on TV, and sometimes I can not stop playing online poker. It is one of my biggest impediments to exercising. However, I feel that it doesn't hurt to have a little fun sometimes. So if you like playing poker as well, I have found a great site that you might want to check out: has a links list of lots of good websites where you can play poker online with a macintosh. Some of them are for money and some are just for fun. I only play for fun. Some of them have software to download and some you can just play online. This is good because it can be hard to find good poker websites that support macintosh. Its front page also has news articles that concern the poker world such as different legislation and updates on the poker all stars. However, what I like best about the site is its poker rules and strategy tips page. It has the rules to all the different types of poker games, which really helps when there is at least a dozen variations of poker games. The strategy tips are good too. They have tips for novices as well as experts.

Maybe this won't make you all stray too much from your exercise routines. But I find it helps me to unwind and relax after a long day or a strenous workout. But if you like playing poker or watching it on TV, check out and play online.


In my previous post, I mentioned me playing tennis and getting hurt. My elbow hurts and is still swollen. I wonder if I've fractured something. I can bend it, because I've finally worked it enough that it doesn't hurt too much to do that; however, like just beside the tip of the elbow and a little down, I can't stand to touch it. I don't feel anything moving around, though; so I don't think I've chipped anything. It has kept me out of the gym since last Wensday, and I'm not feeling too great.

I hope all you mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. I didn't have time to wish you all a Happy Mohter's day Friday, but ya'll deserve it. I can't imagine putting up with everything you guys do. It takes a special person. Have a wonderful monday.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Playing Tennis

Yesterday I played tennis with NoCaloriesNeeded. I've never played tennis except for just hitting the ball around. I finally got where I could halfway serve(I'm a pretty quick learning when it comes to sports). I got smoked the first set, but by the second set I was catching on. I think by the second game I may have been able to compete a little; however, we weren't able to finish the second set. The wind was blowing really hard, I misjudged a high ball, backpeddled too fast, tried to reposition my feet and you can guess what happened. I broke my fall with my elbow. I swelled up like a tennis ball, and that ended my day. Through NCN's uncontrollable laughter, he did offer to carry me to the ER, but it wasn't that serious. I don't think I broke anything, because today, most of the swelling is gone. It's just really sore. We played for like an hour, and I got a great workout in. I'll be ready next week. Just keep this important fact in mind: YOU CAN'T RUN AS FAST BACKWARDS AS YOU CAN FORWARD!! YOU JUST MAKE YOURSELF LOOK CLUMSY AND STUPID!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Is walking or running better for you? I've heard both sides, and I'm still not sure. Of course, you can't just tolly along when you walking to lose weight. There are certain techniques you can use to make walking better, but it seems like running would do better. That's just my opinion, but, on the other hand, sometimes when I walk a few miles as opposed to running, I feel better; so, I'm still not sure which one is better. Check out some of the links on my site. Here are a few weight loss tips.
#1: Exercise.
#2: Pump iron.
#3: Keep a diary.
#4: Stay focused on being healthy, not on becoming thin.
#5: Find out what's eating you.
#6: Get support.
#7: Watch your portions.
#8: Lose weight slowly with small changes.
#9: Slow down when eating
#10: Eat less fat, but do it wisely.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Another Week

Another Monday. It was so hard to get up this morning for some reason. I wasn't too busy this weekend, so I really have no excuse. Saturday I worked out really hard. It's been a while sinces I'd worked legs becauses of a mild strain, but I did Saturday. Yesterday and today and probably the next couple of days, I'm hurting for it. My thighs and butt are killing me, but that's good. Pain is gain, right?

I did watch Spiderman 3 this weekend. To me, it was not quite as good a the first one, but it was better than the second one. In my opinion, there were too many villians in it. The twist on Harry/The Green Goblin was cool. I kinda figured that would happen though. The fight scenes were great though.

I also watched the Derby. I was glad Street Sense won. What an incredible comeback. Never before has a horse come from 19th, second to last, to win. Watching him weave his way around 18 horses was definitely special, if you like horses. I love them. Well, everyone have a wonderful Monday.

Check out some of my links and stay healthy.