Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weight Training

I'm not a body builder or anything, nor do I subscribe to muscle magazine with all these workout programs to follow. I'm not even sure I work out properly. I do try to make sure I bench and squat at least once a week. I think those two are the most important. I usually bench twice a week--at the first of the week, heavy; in the middle of the week, light. I don't have my days laid out where I work legs one day, chest the next, arms the next and back the next. Usually I work my chest, back and a little arms on the same day. Then I usually work legs, back and a little chest. Then I will work arms and chest. I try to throw in abs everyday I workout. Of course I warm up and end the workout with cardio. I'm sure that's not the proper way to workout, but it works for me. Any of you guys have any helpful tips?

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