Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hawaiian Dream Vacation

I had some time to kill today so I started dreaming about a hawaiian vacation. I come across while surfing the internet. It is a pretty cool site. They have lots of listings for rental homes in hawaii. What I like about these listings are that they are rental homes and not large condos or hotels. With these homes you would have some privacy and be able to get away from the crowds and just enjoy the beautiful scenery. They have listings for hawaii beachfront cottages as well as ones with mountain views and pools. They have packages already made up and prices for airfare and car rental. One of the other big advantages is it is run by locals that have insight into the best locales and events. You don't have to talk to some robot or automated CSR. They have everything you need to plan your dream vacation. I played around with their site for a while before I remembered that at this point in my life I can't afford a vacation to hawaii. However, I bookmarked for my future dream vacation.

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