Monday, July 30, 2007


I had little time to exercise this weekend, but I did something even more effective. I moved my sister. I got in strength training and cardio. Actually, NCN assisted me, and absolutely nothing went right. The trailor we used was too little for even her massive bed to fit into. We got stuck in traffic on I95 in a horriffic thunder storm; so the mattresses got soaked--they've about dried out not though. There's no way I can explain everthing that went wrong. We could do nothing but laugh. I got a great, full body workout though. Moving a heavy washing machine like 6 times it better than most things at the gym.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Green/Herbal Tea

Is this the same. I'm not sure if Green tea is the same as Herbal tea or not, but, in my opinion, this herbal tea is awful. I know it is suppose to be very healthy, and that is why I've tried drinking it for the past three days. I can't take it any more. Every time I drink it, I feel like I have to puke. I know know one really wants to know that, but it's true. If you can stomach, by all means drink it, because it's definitely good for you. I just can't handle it.


First of all, let me say that I not a big "drinker", but a little is good for the stomach. Notice I did say a little. I have a few friends who get crazy drunk and use the excuse, "well it's good for my stomach." That's not at all true.

If you do, however, enjoy a social drink, or just a little private drink, every now and then, you need to check out these mixed drink recipes. has all kinds of mixed drink ideas. By visiting this site, not only can you get recipe ideas, but you can also get ideas for drinking games. Everyone loves a good drinking game, right? Visit and check it out for yourself.

While drinking in moderation is not unhealthy or bad for you, drinking unwisely can be deadly. Please, drink responsible.

Acid reflux

To my knowledge, I've never had a problem with acid reflux until recently. I haven't changed anything in my diet, so I'm not sure what's triggered it. It has been awful for the past couple of weeks though. I'm not one to turn right to medicine, but I had to get some for this. Anyone know what I can do to get rid of it?

Shopping with Coupons

I do a lot of shopping online, especially for Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays. What I really like about online shopping is it takes a lot of the hassle out of shopping, and you can use coupon codes at a lot of online stores and get things cheaper than at a traditional bricks and mortar store. I just got my mom a book from Amazon for her birthday. It literally took me twenty minutes to do all my shopping for this holiday. I know that may seem impersonal but I know what my mom likes and I just did a search for it in Amazon and picked up exactly what I wanted to get her. I used a coupon and got free shipping so it was just as if I had went to the store and got it (actually a little cheaper). I just didn't have to go through the trouble or use the gas to go get it. You can even use Amazon coupons at our Weight Master Amazon Store to buy all your weight loss products.

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That sounds simple enought, right? Well it is, but there are ways you can walk that makes exercising more effective and efficient. You can't walk with the intentions of toning and losing weight the same way you casually walk around the house or the office. I've put together a list of techniques that you can do to help when you're walking for exercise. You may think these are crazy, but here they are.
-Bend your elbows. This will cause your arms to swing faster which in return will help your legs to move faster.
-Keep your stride short. Don't take long strides that feel awkward.
-Think heal-to-toe. Push-off with your heal. Toes should leave the ground last.
-Keep your abs pulled in and tight.
-Include interval training walks that include periods of very brisk walking followed by slower, recovery times.
-Remember to always stretch and warm-up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NHL Draft

I know that I have told you guys that I am a major sports fan. One sport that I am trying to get into lately is hockey. It seems to be a high energy sport with a lot of action. The National Hockey League has recently had its draft. You can get the complete results of the 2007 nhl draft at I have found it to be a really well written site. It contains reviews for all the teams' draft choices and what their impact will be on the teams' future. Another very interesting part of the site is a list of all the top prospects from North America and Europe. You can really see where the future of hockey is going to come from and who the big names will be for years to come. So if you are into hockey or just a casual fan then is a great site to check out.

Our Feature in Blog Carnival

We are delighted to share with you our selection into a blog carnival hosted by Minus The Fat, a health and fitness site. Be sure to check it out, there are some great resources there.

Be cautious and careful...

I have a friend who, recently, come close to losing his leg. First of all, he's extremely overweight, but he really can't help it. He's self-conscience about it, be he does have a medical problem. When he was 16-17 years old, he begged his mother to let him have his stomach stapled, but now that he's 18, I think he's adapting to his situation. A couple of weeks ago, a knot appeared on his left shin. He went to the doctor, and the doctor didn't know what it was but sent him home with an antibiotic. The next day it was worse; so he went to another doctor. That doctor said it was a staff infection, gave him a shot and sent him home. It got worse, so bad he had to go to the emergency room late that night because of pain. That was a week ago, and he just got out of the hospital yesterday. The attending doctor at the hospital said he was lucky that he didn't lose his left leg. He sent samples of the infection off, but said it wasn't staff infection. He thought it may have been where a spider bit him. You have to be careful who you choose for you doctor. So many are less interested in you health and more interested in the money they're stealing from you.

Monday, July 23, 2007

BBW Dating

I do not know how many of you guys are into online dating but there is a new online dating site made specifically for bbw dating. If you do not know, "bbw" stands for big beautiful women. It is the premier dating site on the internet for overweight and plus size people. It is free to join. You can search bbw singles by sex, location, or age. Every profile contains a picture, a description of the person, and what they are seeking in a relationship. If you find someone you like you can send them a message or a flirt. This is one of the best sites on the internet to find sexy larger women. So if you are looking to meet a gorgeous big girl or a nice overweight man then check out Then once you find your special someone come back here to Weight Master and start your weight loss journey together.

Weekend Workout

Although I had a busy weekend, I did find a couple of hours to sqeeze in a workout. I ran two miles and workout chest and arms. I done close grip and wide grip on the bench. It's been a while since I've done that, and today I can really feel it. I bench twice a week, but I guess, because of the different positioning and the different muscles worked, it didn't help my soreness, if that's a word. All in all, my weekend was ok, and I had a good workout.

BP and Pollution

It does not matter how healthy we may be, pollution is a problem we, especially people in urban areas, all deal with. BP is one of the largest polluters along the Great Lakes as it releases 54% more ammonia and 35% more sludge into Lake Michigan each day according to the Chicago Tribune. Because BP expansion will provide 80 new jobs, BP is exempt by Indiana from state environmental laws. This will allow for the $3.8 billion expansion previously mentioned. If you want to take a look at some facts, check out the BP Whiting Refinery Fact Sheet.

Although BP dumps so much pollution into Lake Michigan, it is well within legal limits and they are continously making improvements. This refinery is necessary because it provides fuel for the Midwest. Supposingly, it does absolutely no harm to the people or the environment; however, arguements can be and have been made against this fact. It aslo provides many jobs presently and will provide jobs for the future.

Groups and neighbors have begged BP to use better pollution controls at Lake Michigan, the forth largest refinery, but BP still insist that they are an environmentally friendly corporation. BP also claim that there is not enough room for such an upgrade. Maybe it is not harmful or unhealthy to the public, but the little bit of knowledge I do have about health issues, it is hard for me to believe that it does not pose a problem.

Friday, July 20, 2007

OK, I'll admit...

I'm a baby when it comes to people cutting on me. For about a year, I've had a knot,probably just a fatty tissue, on my arm. It's never hurt before; so I've never worried about it. About a month ago, it started hurting, and it just got worse. I finally went to the doctor, and he deadened my arm and cut it out right there. It took about 5 minutes. First of all, I can handle pain. That's not what gets me, but sitting there, feeling him working on my arm , and imagining what was going on almost caused me to pass out in the chair. When he finished stitching me up, I was as white as snow. If I ever have to have any kind of "real" surgery, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe if I work hard to keep my body in shape, I can avoid that.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have been blogging for a few months now. I started blogging to kinda keep a diary of my daily workouts and help me stay motivated. As I got more involved, I noticed many blogs that were not only posting about there daily lives, but they were also making a little extra cash. Now, I am not saying that money is everything, but it can help. I started researching some of the ways I could monetize my blog. I joined several sites where you can actually get paid to post about different sites.

The best site like this that I have been able to find is Many sites and blogs choose to advertise by word of mouth ethics; so they are willing to pay bloggers to write post about their site. Of course there are requirements. One of the great things about is that it list opportunities and allows you to choose which one you wish to post about. You fill out a profile can meet, online, other bloggers. If you are interested in making a little extra cash, and you enjoy blogging, you should definitely visit It is free to join, so there is no way to lose.

Importance of Physical Fitness

There are many reasons why I believe physical fitness is important. I'm sure if we all listed reasons, we could come up with quite a list; however, I want to narrow the list to what I believe is the most important. Below is my list of four:
-Increase self-esteem and capacity for learning.
-Help kids handle stress.
-Build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.
-Help control weight.

Fitness Dating

How many times have you seen a perfectly fit woman/man and thought, I'd love to date her/him? I enjoy keeping my body fit, but that doesn't make me any better than someone who doesn't care. It's just healthier. My fiance does not go to the gym with me, but she does exercise. Many times, a physically fit person is not only healthier, but also more attractive. If you are in to fitness and like partners who also enjoy the same, there is afitness dating site for you. offers services that help like minded individuals find each other. If you are a lady who is into buff guys, you can search the thousands of profiles until you find Mr. Right. For a very reasonable fee, you can enjoy services that allow you to find that person who enjoys body building, running, swimming, etc. If you are a fitness buff and like partner who are also in great physical shape, you should definitely visit

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Flexibility Exercises

Warming up before exercising is extremely important for everyone. A great way to warm up is by doing flexibility exercises. When you're warming up and stretching, you should no feel pain. Being relaxed is key. You should take slow, relaxed breaths.

Here are some exercises developed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons:

Lower back
Tighten your hip muscles and at the same time, tighten your abdominal muscles to flatten your lower back. Hold for 5 to 8 seconds, then relax. Repeat two or three times.
Pull your right leg toward your chest. If possible, keep the back of your head on the floor. Try to keep your lower back flat. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with your left leg.

Hip and groin
With arms supplying slight resistance on inside of legs, slowly push down your knees. Hold for 5 to 8 seconds.
Place one leg forward, while your knee of the other leg is resting on the floor. Without changing the position of the knee on the floor or the forward leg, lower the front of your hip downward. Hold for 30 seconds.

Knee and calf
Hold the top of your left foot with right hand and gently pull heel toward buttocks. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with other leg.
Stand close to a solid support, and lean on it with your forearms, head resting on hands. Bend one leg and place your foot on the ground in front of you, with the other leg straight behind. Slowly move your hips forward, keeping your lower back flat. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds. Do not bounce.

In a standing or sitting position, interlace your fingers. With your palms facing upward, push your arms slightly back and up. Hold for 15 seconds.
With your arms overhead, hold the elbow of one arm with the hand of your other arm. Gently pull the elbow behind your arm. Do slowly. Hold for 15 seconds. Stretch both arms.
Gently pull your elbow across your chest toward your opposite shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat with other elbow.

Sit down and straighten your left leg. The sole of your right foot should rest next to the inside of your straightened leg. Lean slightly forward and touch your foot with your fingers. Keep your left foot upright with the ankle and toes relaxed. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with right leg.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Importance of Balance

When exercising, we rarely think about balance, but it is a very important part. I've tried to be more conscience about focusing a little more on my balance. Sometimes I'll to curls while standing on one foot, or simly just stand and walk on a beam. I recently read an article online in which Harvey W. Wallmann, a doctor of physical therapy science and an associate professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, talks about the importance of balance in everday life. He said, "you use balance all the time, picking up children, stepping up on a curb, or walking over rocks." Some suggestions he gives to improve balance are:

Single-leg stand.
Stand with your legs slightly less than shoulder-width apart near a support such as a wall or railing. Balance as you lift one leg, and then close your eyes. Maintain your balance for 30 to 60 seconds, and repeat with the other leg.

Trunk turns.
Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on a mini trampoline. (No mini trampoline? A soft gym mat or other squishy surface will also work.) Hold an exercise ball or a 5 or 10 pound weight in both hands, chest high. Twist at your trunk to face your right, return to center then twist to your left and back to center. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

Single-leg squat.
Stand on a sturdy 6- to 8-inch-high stool or step, with your right leg off the stool to the side. Bend your left leg as you do a squat until your right leg barely touches the ground. Do two sets of five to 10 reps on each leg.

March in the dark.
In a room with plenty of space and no obstacles that could bump knees or cause you to trip, march in place 60 to 100 steps with your eyes closed.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hot Tub Cover

I have found that almost nothing feels better after a good hard workout than relaxing in a hot tub. One of the most important parts of a hot tub is the cover. It keeps the elements out and the heat in. If you have a hot tub eventually you will have to replace the hot tub cover. It will become worn, cracked, or waterlogged. One of the best places to find replacement Hot Tub Covers is Their covers are custom made out of the highest quality materials for a perfect fit and long lasting replacement of your original cover. They are built to withstand harsh winters and save on energy costs. The covers use a high density foam that is several inches thick and can bear heavy loads such as children or snowfall. All covers come with a four layer heat lock seal to save on energy costs. The Cover Guy only uses high grade marine vinyl with UV and mildew inhibitors.

The foam is coated and wrapped to minimize water absorption. This is very important because one of the main problems with hot tub covers is they get waterlogged after some time. It is not uncommon for a hot tub cover to weigh 200 pounds after it has become waterlogged. It is kind of hard to enjoy relaxing in the hot tub after a workout if you have to manhandle a 200 pound cover off of it first. However, because of the foam coating, these covers do not get waterlogged. Every cover comes with a five year warranty, and they are custom made for your hot tub so you know you will get a perfect fit. So if you need replacement Hot Tub Covers definitely give TheCoverGuy a look.

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Tired of reading glasses or bifocals??

When I was in middle school, and even the first couple of years in high school, I began having headaches alot during class. After visiting the eye doctor, I purchased a pair of reading glasses. I hated them. Lucky for me, I outgrew my problem; however, I have many friends who are forced to use them, and bifocals.

There is great news for these guys and girls. Lasik monovision can greatly reduce, and maybe even eliminate the need for reading or bifocals. Monovision can be done with contact lenses or Lasik. Contact lenses or Lasik can be used in monovision. Although monovision lasik has been available for years, the FDA now officially approves it. If you're not sure monovision lasik is for you, maybe you should first try it in contact lenses first. If you like it, then do the lasik monovision.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

25 and falling apart...

Ok, I'm hurting in several places, some I will not mention. Last night I dove for a softball and hurt my left hip. I can hardly stand to workout or throw a ball because the inner part of my elbow. I'm just kidding about falling apart though. I'm just a little banged up, but I think I do have a problem with my arm. Tuesday, I was at the gym, and I noticed something weird the upper part of my forearm that I think has something to do with my elbow hurting so bad when I work out and throw the softball. I was trying to massage my arm to help the pain, and I noticed a big knot right below my inner elbow(I'm not sure what the medical term for that part of the arm is). I think I need to have it checked out.

Like to play poker??

OK guys. Confession Time. I am a poker junkie. I love watching the World Championship of Poker on TV, and sometimes I can not stop playing online poker. It is one of my biggest impediments to exercising. However, I feel that it doesn't hurt to have a little fun sometimes. So if you like playing poker as well, I have found a great site that you might want to check out: has a links list of lots of good websites where you can play poker online with a macintosh. Some of them are for money and some are just for fun. I only play for fun. Some of them have software to download and some you can just play online. This is good because it can be hard to find good poker websites that support macintosh. Its front page also has news articles that concern the poker world such as different legislation and updates on the poker all stars. However, what I like best about the site is its poker rules and strategy tips page. It has the rules to all the different types of poker games, which really helps when there is at least a dozen variations of poker games. The strategy tips are good too. They have tips for novices as well as experts.

Maybe this won't make you all stray too much from your exercise routines. But I find it helps me to unwind and relax after a long day or a strenous workout. But if you like playing poker or watching it on TV, check out and play online.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fed up with Verizon...

I'm completely fed up with Verizon Wireless. For the past four months, or ever since I upgraded the $9.99 line in my account, and agreed to another 2yr contract, I've had the $60 to $80 charges on my bill--on the $9.99 line--for these data calls. I paid the first month. The next two month they decided it was a glitch in the phone and reversed the charges. They also were suppose to block all internet and get it now function, because they said the phone had been trying to access this function on its on--go figure. This month, I had another $76 charge, and they aren't going to reverse. They said, "the charges are valid and, obviously, someone is accessing the web and get it now functions." In other words, they're calling me a liar. I finished with Verizon. After two years of never having problems with Verizon, and all of a sudden, after the upgrade, all of these ridiculous charges are on my bill.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clothes and the Gym

What does everyone wear to the gym? I just wear shorts and some kind of muscle shirt. I don't care if it matches or not; I'm not there to impress, just work out. This grinds on my fiance's nerves. She simply can't stand to walk in the gym and see me working out with black shorts and a dark, navy blue shirt. First of all, I thought black went with practically anything. Secondly, I don't care what I look like in the gym. I'll tell you what I look like in the gym no matter what I'm wearing--hot and sweating. Just wondering if I'm the only one who doesn't really care what they look like at the gym.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Goth Scene

I do not know how many of you guys like online dating, but if you are into the gothic movement there is a new online dating site just for you. Never before has there been an online dating site specifically for goth dating. It is the number one alternative dating community on the internet. In some areas of the country it is difficult to meet others that share your gothic interests. However at Goth Scene you can search the goth personals by sex, age, or zip code to find someone interesting in your area. Each personal profile includes photos, personal information, their interests, and what they are seeking in a partner. You also have the option of sending a message or sending a flirt to each person. You can join for free, and it is quite harmless. So go to Goth Scene to find thousands of goth singles looking for someone like you.

Family Reunion

I had a family reunion this weekend and last weekend. I don't know about your family reunions but at mine there are lots of good food. I ate way too much the past two weekends. I am going to have to try extra hard this week to eat healthy to make up for it.

Garage Storage

If your garage is like mine it could use some cleaning out and organizing. Too often my garage is the place to put things that you do not have anywhere else to put them. So, I have been thinking about getting some garage cabinets to store some of this stuff. I found some really nice ones at They look like they are very well made. The cabinets are made out of 3/4" PVC laminate with polyurethane coating. They have adjustable feet and hinges and feature a laminate work top surface. They come in lots of different sizes as well: wall mount, locker style, base style, or rolling base style. They might be a little pricey, but they are definitely well made and would tremendously help out in my organizing efforts. I am definitely going to give them a second look.

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Kid's imaginations...

Yesterday, after the rain, my fiance's little 6 yr old brother wanted to go throw the baseball. It was soo hot and muggy, but I played with him; however, when you do anything with him(eg. ride golf cart, play football, baseball or basketball) you have to pick a player and be that player. Yesterday, he was, of course, Chipper Jones; I was Saltalamachia. I mean all day yesterday I was Salty. He never broke character. He say, "Good play, Salty," or, "good catch, salty." It was hilarious. It was so hot though. I bet I lost 5lbs just running after that baseball. He's gonna be a super athlete.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tennis elbow??

I'm not sure what's wrong with my right elbow. I know it may seem like I complain alot, but, seriously, my elbow hurts bad. Yesterday it was all I could do to work out with light weight. I do three sets at the bench, and three sets of curls, but that was all I could do. I then ran 2.5 miles, and I met some guys at the field to hit and field the softball. I couldn't even throw overhanded. I practically had to toss it underhanded. I'm not sure what happened; I can't remember anything specific happening. Anyway, I'm gonna keep on working it. I figure sooner or later the soreness will go away. I done really good yesterday; I exercised and ate 1 bowl of cereal and a healthy snack bar and a little soup and some grilled chicken.


I think I am just an average guy; sure, sometimes my imagination runs wild, and I think I'm Superman; however, it does not take long for reality to knock me back down. I'm like most people though. One thing I hate is debt. I'd love to be completely debt free, and one day, I will be. Right now, though, I sometimes have to borrow money. I am positive that I am not the only one. It is easy to get hooked up with the wrong lender. If you do not compare rates and have the correct information to compare, you and I can get ourselves into a lot of trouble.

The few times I have borrowed money, I have been careful to choose the best lender for me. A great site you can visit in order to do the same is is a place where you can visit to get information on a Mortgage Quote | Mortgage Interest Rate. connects consumers with great, quality lenders. You can visit and compare mortgage rates so you will be sure and make the best decision for you. This is an easy website to navigate, so it is easy to make and educated financial decision.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Yesterday's workout

Yesterday was one of them days. I felt like doing nothing. I pushed myself to do butterflies, inclines, uprights, pull-ups, crunches, leg lifts, and...I think that was it. I couldn't push myself to do anymore. I didn't even do any cardio. It was raining outside, and I didn't want to do any cardio inside. I guess I'll just try again today.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Two weeks ago, the elderly couple who live next to me found out they had termites. They panicked. I got a little paranoid myself. Of course they called their pest man, and he came and treated their house. While he was in the neighborhood, I had him look at mine. I didn't know much about termites, except that I thought they'd eat your house down. Taking his suggestion, I done a little termite "research" online.

I found out that severe termite damage can almost ruin a house if not treated immediately. Sometimes it takes a while for the damage to start showing, but it can be treated. The site where I got most of my information is, and it contains links to several help lines and services. reveals valuable information about termite colonies, how they can harm a house, and how to treat them. If you're haveing termite problems or just want more information, visit

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So Embarrassed...

I mentioned in one of my previous post that I play league softball in my local town. Last Thursday night I had such an embarrassing moment. We were in the 5th innning, and I ended the top half with an incredible diving catch in right center field. I mean this was an Andruw Jones like catch. You're familiar with the theory that a great defensive play leads to a great offensive at bat; IT AIN'T TRUE!!! OK, this is slow pitch softball. I came up 2nd in the bottom of the 5th, and I STRUCK OUT SWINGING!!! How in the heck do you strike out swinging in slow pitch softball. I was so embarrassed.

Kicks Time

I don't know you guys, but for me, when it comes to fashion, I'm not very knowledgable. I could care less whether I have on a brown belt with black shoes. I do care, however, what kind of tennis shoes I wear though, and I'm trying to get better with my fashion. I recently stumbled onto this website,

Even with my poor fashion senses I recognize "hip" shoes and clothes. These guys have the latest hoodies, jeans, shirts and shoes. has the latest designs in shoes from Air Jordans, Gucci Shoes to Timberlands. They also have very fashionable hats and handbags.

Whether you're looking for shoes, clothes, or accessories, you'll find something you'll like at Check it out for yourself.