Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Be cautious and careful...

I have a friend who, recently, come close to losing his leg. First of all, he's extremely overweight, but he really can't help it. He's self-conscience about it, be he does have a medical problem. When he was 16-17 years old, he begged his mother to let him have his stomach stapled, but now that he's 18, I think he's adapting to his situation. A couple of weeks ago, a knot appeared on his left shin. He went to the doctor, and the doctor didn't know what it was but sent him home with an antibiotic. The next day it was worse; so he went to another doctor. That doctor said it was a staff infection, gave him a shot and sent him home. It got worse, so bad he had to go to the emergency room late that night because of pain. That was a week ago, and he just got out of the hospital yesterday. The attending doctor at the hospital said he was lucky that he didn't lose his left leg. He sent samples of the infection off, but said it wasn't staff infection. He thought it may have been where a spider bit him. You have to be careful who you choose for you doctor. So many are less interested in you health and more interested in the money they're stealing from you.

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