Monday, July 2, 2007


Two weeks ago, the elderly couple who live next to me found out they had termites. They panicked. I got a little paranoid myself. Of course they called their pest man, and he came and treated their house. While he was in the neighborhood, I had him look at mine. I didn't know much about termites, except that I thought they'd eat your house down. Taking his suggestion, I done a little termite "research" online.

I found out that severe termite damage can almost ruin a house if not treated immediately. Sometimes it takes a while for the damage to start showing, but it can be treated. The site where I got most of my information is, and it contains links to several help lines and services. reveals valuable information about termite colonies, how they can harm a house, and how to treat them. If you're haveing termite problems or just want more information, visit

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asklink said...

We had small termite damage here at our house in Sydney, Australia. We got bait stations and stuff installed around our property. This gave me the idea to make a website about Termites and tell everyone what I have learnt.