Friday, July 13, 2007

25 and falling apart...

Ok, I'm hurting in several places, some I will not mention. Last night I dove for a softball and hurt my left hip. I can hardly stand to workout or throw a ball because the inner part of my elbow. I'm just kidding about falling apart though. I'm just a little banged up, but I think I do have a problem with my arm. Tuesday, I was at the gym, and I noticed something weird the upper part of my forearm that I think has something to do with my elbow hurting so bad when I work out and throw the softball. I was trying to massage my arm to help the pain, and I noticed a big knot right below my inner elbow(I'm not sure what the medical term for that part of the arm is). I think I need to have it checked out.

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Jake Silver said...

Reminds me of myself. No matter what, I am always injuring myself. Ribs, legs, feet, back... I am a walking bruise.