Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fed up with Verizon...

I'm completely fed up with Verizon Wireless. For the past four months, or ever since I upgraded the $9.99 line in my account, and agreed to another 2yr contract, I've had the $60 to $80 charges on my bill--on the $9.99 line--for these data calls. I paid the first month. The next two month they decided it was a glitch in the phone and reversed the charges. They also were suppose to block all internet and get it now function, because they said the phone had been trying to access this function on its on--go figure. This month, I had another $76 charge, and they aren't going to reverse. They said, "the charges are valid and, obviously, someone is accessing the web and get it now functions." In other words, they're calling me a liar. I finished with Verizon. After two years of never having problems with Verizon, and all of a sudden, after the upgrade, all of these ridiculous charges are on my bill.

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