Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tired of reading glasses or bifocals??

When I was in middle school, and even the first couple of years in high school, I began having headaches alot during class. After visiting the eye doctor, I purchased a pair of reading glasses. I hated them. Lucky for me, I outgrew my problem; however, I have many friends who are forced to use them, and bifocals.

There is great news for these guys and girls. Lasik monovision can greatly reduce, and maybe even eliminate the need for reading or bifocals. Monovision can be done with contact lenses or Lasik. Contact lenses or Lasik can be used in monovision. Although monovision lasik has been available for years, the FDA now officially approves it. If you're not sure monovision lasik is for you, maybe you should first try it in contact lenses first. If you like it, then do the lasik monovision.

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