Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hot Tub Cover

I have found that almost nothing feels better after a good hard workout than relaxing in a hot tub. One of the most important parts of a hot tub is the cover. It keeps the elements out and the heat in. If you have a hot tub eventually you will have to replace the hot tub cover. It will become worn, cracked, or waterlogged. One of the best places to find replacement Hot Tub Covers is Their covers are custom made out of the highest quality materials for a perfect fit and long lasting replacement of your original cover. They are built to withstand harsh winters and save on energy costs. The covers use a high density foam that is several inches thick and can bear heavy loads such as children or snowfall. All covers come with a four layer heat lock seal to save on energy costs. The Cover Guy only uses high grade marine vinyl with UV and mildew inhibitors.

The foam is coated and wrapped to minimize water absorption. This is very important because one of the main problems with hot tub covers is they get waterlogged after some time. It is not uncommon for a hot tub cover to weigh 200 pounds after it has become waterlogged. It is kind of hard to enjoy relaxing in the hot tub after a workout if you have to manhandle a 200 pound cover off of it first. However, because of the foam coating, these covers do not get waterlogged. Every cover comes with a five year warranty, and they are custom made for your hot tub so you know you will get a perfect fit. So if you need replacement Hot Tub Covers definitely give TheCoverGuy a look.

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