Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 36th Edition

Welcome to the 36th Edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. This edition had probably the most submissions ever and had a lot of first time authors. We appreciate everyone's participation and hope you enjoy the selections. Come back to Weight Master for our next edition and our other informative posts.


B.M. Garrett presents Workout opportunities for Moms posted at i-Diet & Fitness, saying, "As a work at home Mom, you just might have more of an opportunity to work out than you think. All you have to do is create opportunities for yourself to start a home grown fitness program."

Rob Ruston presents To 10 Exercises for Abs posted at Nutrition Highway, saying, "This video shows 10 great exercises for your abs"

Andrew Edgington presents How the Brain and the Muscles Connect! posted at Mick, saying, "Get the best bodybuilding health tips and training techniques as well as about how to do steroid cycles safely."

Evan Pfaff presents Home Exercise Equipment posted at Who's In First Blog, saying, "Gym memberships are one of the first things hit by a bad economy. Don’t let the economic downturn affect your health, alongside your pocket book. Workout from home."

Michael Miles presents Effortless exercise posted at Law of Attraction - Effortless Abundance.

Kara-Leah Grant presents Witnessing the evolution of yoga from Vinyasa to Prana Flow to Flow Motion to Your Yoga posted at Prana Flow NZ, saying, "Yoga is a living, breathing entity constantly evolving and changing as we allow it to express itself through us - find out more here!"

General Health

Dean Moyer presents What Causes Herniated Discs? posted at The Back Pain Blog, saying, "Are herniated discs caused by old age? Do elderly people have a higher incidence of disc degeneration because they’re old, or because older people tend to be less active? And what role does trauma, smoking and poor diet play in this process? The latest research shows that, while age does seem to correspond to degenerative disc disease, this does not necessarily lead to bulging discs. Instead, it is younger spines that are more inclined to rupture."

Pregnant Woman presents Identical Triplets - Three Bundles Of Joy posted at Pregnancy, saying, "Triplets occur in one of every eight thousand live births"

Tanya Zafino presents Cure Acne With the Zafino Method posted at The Tragedy of the Female Acne Sufferer, saying, "Natural acne cure blog"

Cyndi presents Anxiety/Stress Relief techniques posted at Evolution Ezine?Evolution Ezine - Collect your free mind power and self growth gifts, saying, "Stress relief techniques that anyone can implement in the moment to counteract the physical response to stress and anxiety. These techniques are simple and work quickly with amazing results."

Den Levin presents Tips For Hypochondriacs posted at Battle Anxiety, saying, "Six self-help tips for people who worry too much about their help."

Aubra presents 10 Ways to Plan for Success posted at Eat, Sleep, Move, saying, "Dieting is hard enough, without having to lead a busy life as well. This post features a few solid tips for staying on track on the go."


Tristan presents Entry from a food journal of an aspiring bodybuilder posted at Body And Fitness Blog, saying, "A day's eating for an aspiring bodybuilder, showing what supplements are being taken and what other, wholefoods are being eaten."

Chris presents Hey Fatty! Get in Shape with these 5 Asian Diet Tips nomad4ever posted at nomad4ever.

Ilana Eck (aka the Hip Hostess) presents Quinoa Salad with Orange, Cilantro & Golden Raisins posted at The Hip Hostess, saying, "If you are looking to add more superfoods to your diet try this quinoa recipe. Quinoa is a whole grain with protein. It's quick cooking and delicious - especially with orange, cilantro and golden raisins."

Joshua Seth presents Detox Diet for Weight Loss posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "I am intensely hyped up on energy. Why? Because I’m in my second week of an all natural detox. I’d like to talk a little bit about detoxing today because in my book The Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution I suggest doing exactly that once a year. Typically at the beginning of the year is when most people are interested in improving their health like this. In my book I suggest that you do a one day water detox for this purpose (unless you are diabetic or have a medical condition that would prevent you)."

Ryan Floyd presents Awakening the Primal Instinct: Paleolithic/Hunter-Gatherer Diets and Human Health posted at Creative Substances.

Ashley Cook presents Quick Home Meal Ideas posted at Frugal Girl, saying, "Some ideas for a quick, healthy, and cheap treat."

Weight Loss

C. Myers presents Herbal Weight Loss posted at Mind Mart, saying, "Herbs can help fight the lack of energy and hunger many people feel when dieting."

hunterharris presents The Easiest 5 pounds You Will Ever Lose – Diet Free! Find a Good Life posted at Find a Good Life, saying, "Do you want to lose a few pounds fast? This is a quick and easy way to do exactly that. And you don't even need to diet!"

Kathryn presents How to Lose Weight Safely With Diet Pills posted at KathrynVercillo on eHow, saying, "It's okay to use diet pills to start your weight loss plan but only if you are able to do so safely."

Paul Piotrowski presents 10 Reasons I Started the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Program :Fitness Health and Healing posted at Fitness Health and Healing.

Scott Weaver presents How To Weight Loss Without Starving posted at How To Weight Loss, saying, "There are several very simple reasons which keep people from weight loss. Let's face it, being overweight comes from eating the wrong foods, the wrong types of calories, and also eating meals in the wrong patterns each day."

Shortcut Sleuth presents 25 "Diet" Tips to Fight the Battle of the Bulge posted at Shortcut Sleuth, saying, "If you're looking for some no nonsense ways to trim your waist, then this article is for you!"

Khordaddy presents Burn Fat and Lose Weight - Stay at Home Parent Style posted at

fitnchic presents Consistency – The Key to Lasting Weight Loss Results. :: - Get in Shape Fashionably :: posted at - Get in Shape, Fashionably!.

Dennis Dalton presents Simple Weight Loss - Part 1 posted at Simple Personal Development and Growth, saying, "An article about common sense weight loss."

Tristan presents How To Lose Weight Eating Chocolate posted at Body And Fitness Blog, saying, "A guide to losing weight and eating chocolate that will work, guaranteed!"

matthew w faulkner presents Challenge: posted at "Easy Weight Loss".

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on March 14th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009


You may remember from an earlier post that I was interested in adding a dietary supplement to my weight loss and exercise routine. After doing some research, I think one of the best products I can add will be the Herbalife line of products. Herbal Life offers innovative, all-natural products that have been developed by nutrition experts, doctors, and even a Nobel Prize Winning scientist with your personal wellness goals in mind. Their products and programs offer effective weight loss programs and improved cellular nutrition. You will also have support from a team of more than a million Herbalife Distributors. Your distributor can help you learn more about your nutritional, weight-loss and personal-care needs and how Herbal Life products can help fill these needs. On top of this, all of their products come with a complete 30 day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose to try these products. I encourage everyone to join me in getting more information about the Herbalife line of products.

Dietary Supplement

I have been looking for new supplements to add to my weight loss and exercise routine. I just felt like I needed a little something extra to add to the results that I have already seen. I came across the EnergyFirst website and found that it has a lot of interesting products that I might find useful. They have many protein shakes that are not only useful in weight loss but also in getting lean, increasing energy, and attaining optimal health and wellness for life. The EnergyFirst website also offers many protein shake recipes, such as whey protein isolate vanilla, that are easy to make and tastes great. This makes your routine easier to perform, which we all know the easier it is the longer we sustain our routine. Finally, all of EnergyFirst products, such as organic protein, are made with the highest quality, natural ingredients that will help you achieve higher energy, a leaner body and greater overall health & immunity. If you are looking for nutritional supplements I definitely suggest you check out EnergyFirst.

Heart Disease

Did you know that an estimated 80,000,000 American adults have one or more types of Cardiovascular diseases? It is one of the most widespread diseases and killers in the United States. Now Chiquita, Fresh Express, and the American Heart Association have teamed up to spread the word about heart disease. The companies are joining the American Heart Association’s public awareness campaign, Go Red for Women, by donating 10 cents from each purchase of specially marked salad blends and Chiquita Fruit Bites to the American Heart Association during the month of February.
The campaign will also use Chiquita’s Fresh Funds, a consumer loyalty program started last year to encourage people to eat to more fresh fruits and vegetables by earning points for purchasing products. Products involved include Chiquita Fruit Bites varieties and Fresh Express salads and vegetables. You can support the program by signing up for the Fresh Funds program and donating your points to the American Heart Association where they will be doubled in the month of February. You can share your story with the Go Red for Women campaign and tell about your choice to live a healthy life. When you do this you will automatically receive 40 fresh funds points. Along with sharing your story, you can also upload your image, join their myspace group, and refer friends. This is a very worthy cause, and I strongly encourage everyone to sign up for the program and upload their pictures to help spread the word about the dangers of heart disease and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

New Car

I have been toying with the idea of getting a new car. A site that I have found to get lots of information about cars and buying automobiles in general is This site has car reviews for all brands and types of vehicles. They also have information about insurance, finance, and buying tips in general. The site has detailed photos and even classified ads for used cars in your area. The reviews are very detailed and broken down by styling, performance, quality, safety, and features. The review also gives a rating on each category and then an overall rating. The cars that I am interested in are the audi tt, chevrolet camaro, ford expedition, and honda pilot. If you are interested in buying a car, I definitely suggest you check out this site.

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 35th Edition

Welcome to the 35th edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We appreciate everyone's participation and hope you enjoy this edition's selections. Please come back to Weight Master for our next edition and other posts.


Steve Faber presents The Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises posted at Belly Fat Loser.

Andrew Edgington presents Bodybuilding Doctors on Joint Pain Relief - Part 2 posted at Mick, saying, "Get the best bodybuilding health tips and training techniques as well as about how to do steroid cycles safely."

hunterharris presents 3 Tips for Better Cardio posted at Find a Good Life, saying, "3 tips to make starting cardio easier!"

Myscha Theriault presents Frugal Fitness - Twenty-Five and a Half Ways to Make it Happen Wise Bread posted at Wise Bread, saying, "This is a resource-heavy service article on frugal fitness tips, resources and product suggestions."

General Health

Aparna presents Puff out puffy eyes posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "A lot of people get puffy eyes during different phases of their lives."

GC presents Common Mistake with Women #1: Treating Them Well posted at Get Chicks And Money, saying, "Many men make the mistake of being too nice, which makes them seem desperate."

Ian Richardson presents Colon health: Natural approach posted at Best Natural Remedies Online

Dnepropetrovsk Intim presents Basic principles of general therapy, applied for the medical treatment of patients with the diseases of skin posted at Днепропетровск-Интим-Днепропетровск (или где искать интим услуги в Днепропетровске), saying, "The medical treatment of patients with the diseases of skin has nowadays a great variety of methods to use. And in this article we see the main aspects of general therapy, applied for the medical treatment of patients with the diseases of skin. Here You can find everything You have to know about general therapy of skin diseases."


muse presents There's Nothing Like Cooked Vegetables posted at me-ander.

Weight Loss

Andy presents The Inner Game of Weight Loss posted at Personal Hack, saying, "Often when one wants to lose weight they focus on how to eat right and exercise more. While both are necessary to lose weight, they are the outer game of weight loss. There is a whole other aspect which is the inner game of weight loss. This aspect is often neglected and I believe it’s the reason most people never lose weight and keep it off."

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on February 28th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Monday, February 2, 2009


A friend of mine has been having a lot of back pain. He's tried everything from medicine to massages to chiropracters. Another friend of ours suggested he might should try a sauna. So he did.

After we researched, we decided to try out an infrared sauna. All of our research showed that the heat in the far infrared saunas penetrates the skin further than the traditional sauna. Although some people think it can be harmful, and overuse can be harmful, the correct usage is very good.

Infrared saunas has many benefits. They relieve pain, help with weight loss, help losen stiff joints, detoxify the body, help blood flow, and help help in many more ways. Believe me, it has helped my friend.