Friday, July 13, 2007

Like to play poker??

OK guys. Confession Time. I am a poker junkie. I love watching the World Championship of Poker on TV, and sometimes I can not stop playing online poker. It is one of my biggest impediments to exercising. However, I feel that it doesn't hurt to have a little fun sometimes. So if you like playing poker as well, I have found a great site that you might want to check out: has a links list of lots of good websites where you can play poker online with a macintosh. Some of them are for money and some are just for fun. I only play for fun. Some of them have software to download and some you can just play online. This is good because it can be hard to find good poker websites that support macintosh. Its front page also has news articles that concern the poker world such as different legislation and updates on the poker all stars. However, what I like best about the site is its poker rules and strategy tips page. It has the rules to all the different types of poker games, which really helps when there is at least a dozen variations of poker games. The strategy tips are good too. They have tips for novices as well as experts.

Maybe this won't make you all stray too much from your exercise routines. But I find it helps me to unwind and relax after a long day or a strenous workout. But if you like playing poker or watching it on TV, check out and play online.

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