Tuesday, May 15, 2007


As I read different blogs, I realize that there are a lot of talented writers online. There are site online that actually pay you to write. Advertise on blogs is all you have to do. What happens is companies will pay you to advertise there product or services for them. Many sites like this are out there, but one that I'm familiar with and know works is Smorty; at this sites that are plenty of companies willing to pay you to advertise on blogs. I'm actually registered with this site, so I know first hand that that you can make extra money doing this. You can pick the assignments you like and disregard the ones you do not like. I'm not all about money, but I figure, why not make a little extra while doing something you enjoy, right. You can write two articles a day, one about weight training, losing weight, or just everyday stuff, and one review. Of course, getting paid to blog will not make anyone a millionaire, but it's just a suggestion I thought I throw out there for you guys. Blogging for money may not be something you guys are interested in, but it's easy, can be fun, and will earn you a little extra money. If you do happen to be interested in advertising on your blog, check out this site:

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