Monday, August 4, 2008


I had to attend a job fair for the company I work for. We had one of the worst displays at the fair. Basically we had a small banner taped to a folding table with applications set on top of the table. To be honest I was a little embarrassed. I wish had had one of those nice banner stands like some of the other companies. After this experience I decided I would look on the Internet for some better display ideas. I found a great site called Camelback Displays. They offer all types of trade show displays. They have different shapes, sizes, and lighting for different categories of products and events. The company even offers custom made trusses so you can make practically any size or shape display and make it weight bearing as well. It is really interesting how much is put into these displays, and then compare it to the pathetic display we had at the job fair and it makes me feel even more embarrassed. I am definitely going to suggest my company take a look at Camelback Displays.

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