Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yesterday's Workout

Yesterday I didn't actually go to the gym or run. I mention a while back in one of my post that I'm a volunteer firefighter. Yesterday, as we do every second and forth Monday evening, we had a fire meeting. For some reason, the chief felt it necessary to torture us, so we, me and a couple other rather, had to do a search and rescue. Now I have no problem with a rookie have to go through this, but I was not in the mood. I did it though, because the chief is way bigger than I am. Here we go, full gear, in 90 degree heat. Full gear is hot during cold weather, but it's almost unbearable during the summer. These guys pulled a prank. We pulled a charged hose line through every room of that house. We finally made it to the back bathroom, please keep in mind that we were blindfolded. Well, we found the "victim" in the bathroom closet. As we got him to the front room, everyone started laughing. Naturally, we stopped, took of the BA's and hoods, and nearly threw up. The victim was butt naked. I was lucky to be pulling and not on the lower end. Disgusting!!

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