Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Like to travel?

One thing I love to do but do not have the time is travel. With my work schedule, it's very hard to find any time to travel; however, when I retire--in 30 years--that's one of my top priorities.

If you do love to travel, and do it a lot, you need some kind of travel insurance. One company that offers medical travel insurance is Cover My Travels. Cover My Travels offer plans and services such as:
-Up to 92 days cover on Annual Multi Trip policies.
-Competitive level of cover - see schedule of benefits.
-Low Excesses (with the excess waiver option).
-Many hazardous activities included at no extra cost.
-Dedicated 24 hour medical emergency service.
The many hazardous activities at no extra cost is great, because I like bungee jumping and such. If you do travel alot you should really check Cover My Travels out.

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