Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lowest bid wins!!!

Ok guys. I know everybody likes free gifts and I've found a site that lets you play a game to win prizes: It is really simple to play. All you do is find a prize that you want a place a bid on it. You can bid with either your computer or text message with your cell. The person with the lowest unique bid wins. You don't have to pay for the amount bid or for shipping. It is completely free. The prizes range from HDTVs to designer bags to cash prizes.

It is not a sweepstakes or an actual auction. You just try to get the lowest unique bid amount. If someone else bids the same as you then you bid again. The only catch that I've found is you have to view ads in order to bid. But viewing a couple of ads is a small nuisance when you win an HDTV and they ship it to you for free. Check it out.

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