Monday, June 4, 2007


I'm a huge sports fan. I love baseball, I love watching basketball, and I could watch and play football all year. I Lebron and the Cavs made it to the NBA Finals, but did you guys notice the number of players and managers thrown out of games this weekend. I was insane. It must have been a full moon or something. First of all, Rasheed Wallace need to be beat with his daddy's belt, because he's nothing but a big baby. The Cub's manager was just acting out of frustration, and Joe Torre about the same. I guess it's a little suprising that my man Bobby Cox wasn't kicked out.

I didn't get in much of a workout this weekend, but I didn't play a couple of games of tennis. I was 1-1. I finally learned how to serve consistantly, hooray. I also danced, and I know you guys don't know or don't care, but that's not good. Have a wonderful Monday.

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