Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Love for music...

You may recall a couple of weeks ago me mentioning how much I loved music and that I was actually a drummer. I mentioned in my previous post about people who are obsessed with physical fitness; well, an honest confession, I may be a little obsessed with music. I mention how I am a big fan of The Police, and I talked a little about the latest Police CD; by the way, if you have not picked that up, it came out June the 5th, and you need to pick up a copy. It also includes a cool Police poster in with the cds.

I thought it would be neat to share with readers a short clip of their live concert in the UK. They bring so much energy to the stage. I would love to have one chance to play for a band like that. Playing the drums is a stress reliever for me; heck, music in general is a stress reliever. Instead of eating when I am stressed, I either pound my drum kit or put in one of my favorite band, such as The Police. It is a whole lot healthier. I am not saying you have to like my kind of music, or use my stress relievers, but it beats overeating. Sit back for a few seconds and enjoy the video clip.

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