Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pingo Calling Card

If you are like me you hate paying your local phone company for long distance access. They charge all these extra fees (toll accesses, service charges, FCC charges) and then the rate usually is not all the great either. So what I have been doing is using a cheap prepaid phone card for all my long distance calls. Basically, you buy a card at a store it has an access number that you call before you place your call. They usually have a set number of minutes, and when they are used up you throw it away and buy another card. These usually give you a better rate without a lot of the extra fees.

I have just come across a "virtual" calling card called Pingo. It is called virtual because it is not an actual card. You sign up on the internet and put a certain amount of money into your account. Pingo then gives you a toll-free access number and a PIN number to use to make calls. You don't have to keep going back to the store to buy more cards. You just login to your account and put more money in or use the Auto-Recharge feature to automatically put more money on your account when it gets so low. The only fee is a monthly maintenance fee of 98 cents.

Pingo phone cards are a service of iBasis, one of the largest carriers of international VoIP phone calls in the world. Some normal calling cards will not let you place calls to international phones but Pingo does and with great rates too. Most calls within the United States is 1.8 cents a minute and most international calls are around 3 cents depending on what country you call. Pingo's RateWatcher is always looking for ways to lower costs, comparing calling cards, and getting lower rates. You can receive up to four hours of international calls just for signing up. There is also a referral program where you can get $15 for each new customer you refer.

So if you are like me and are using calling cards anyway, you might want to look into signing up for Pingo for all your long distance calling.

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Hm. Sounds like a pretty good deal. When I first came to the US as an echange student I received 100 dollars each month as pocket money. One month I paid 99 dolars for phone bills. That's when I staeted using prepaid phone cards. They are really the best option for calling long distance.

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