Monday, April 28, 2008


Do any of you guys know or have any of you met anyone with Bipolar disorder? I have a cousin with this awful disorder. She may go a month or so and not be bothered by it, but then again, she may go a couple of weeks where she is so depressed that she will hardly even leave her house. It is sometimes very difficult but always extremely important to know how to deal with Bipolar individuals. My cousin is very sensitive and sometimes even embarrassed. Of course she is on medication, and that helps; however, we, her family, and her friends have read and studied manic depression so that we can better understand and help her any way possible. I have met so many people who do not understand the condition and even pass it off as someone wanting attention. I am not saying that those people do not exist, but I will say with confidence that is a very real disorder and that our duty is not to judge anyone; rather we should be willing to learn, understand and help. I would fell awfully guilty if something happened to her and I hadn't done everything that I knew to do. That's why I'm so willing to learn more and help more.

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