Monday, April 28, 2008

The World is Yours

My dream is that when I am able to retire, I will have saved up enough money to be able to travel the world. I know that is probably most people's wish, but it takes discipline. It is hard sometimes to pass on items you really want because you are saving for the future. When you think about the phrase, The World is Yours Now, what comes to mind. Of course, I know that the world is not mine, but with the right budget, I will be able to claim pieces of it before I die. As you may can guess, I am an active cat; I love exercising and stuff. I want to stay that way until I am old, and traveling is one way to make sure that I do. The World is Yours Now is a cool blog that talks about finances, but also all kinds of cool ways to make money. Maybe one day, my dreams will come true.

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