Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blue Man Fraud

I guess all of you guys have seen what they have been calling the Blue Man on the news. However, the news media has been misrepresenting the cause of Paul Karason's condition as a result of taking Colloidal Silver. The truth is that Paul Karason is suffering from a condition called argyria that turns his skin blue. He got this by trying to make his own homemade colloidal silver. Instead he only made a concentrated silver chloride solution that is a widely known cause of argyria. This was just a huge smear campaign by the big pharmaceutical companies to keep people from using colloidal silver. However, pure colloidal silver is completely safe and non-toxic to humans. It is a powerful detoxification agent and has been proven to be very effective in killing bacterial, viral, and fungal conditions. So the important thing to remember is to know the difference between true colloidal silver and ionic silver chloride and to not try to make either on your own.

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