Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prepaid Phone Cards

If you are like me you hate paying your local phone company for long distance access. They charge all these extra fees (toll accesses, service charges, FCC charges) and then the rate usually is not all that great either. So what I have been doing is using prepaid phone cards for all my long distance calls. Basically, you buy a card at a store and it has an access number that you dial before you place your call. They usually have a set number of minutes, and when they are used up you throw it away and buy another card. These usually give you a better rate without a lot of the extra fees.

One site that I have come across while shopping for prepaid phone cards is It makes the buying and choosing of prepaid phone cards much easier for the consumer. The site is very easy to use. Basically, you select what country you will be calling and then it lists the rates that you can choose from. You select the card you want to purchase and they will send you your pin and access number in an email. It is just that simple. So if you are like me and are tired of using your local phone company for long distance, then I definitely suggest you look into using prepaid phone cards and shopping for them at

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