Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Slow Walking

I have to admit, when I'm walking or running, I think I have to push myself to really do good. I walk fast, or I try to keep a brisk, steady run; however, that's not all the time better. I recently read an article which I thought was interesting. Here's a brief summary of that article.

Easy exercise burns calories--and sheds pounds--as effectively as a high-intensity workout, a University of Pittsburgh study says.

Experts tracked 201 overweight women, ages 21 to 45, for 1 year. Some walked off 1,000 calories per week; others, 2,000. In each group, some women ambled along comfortably, taking longer to reach their goal; others maintained a bristling, nearly breathless pace.

Ultimately, everybody in the 1,000-calorie group lost an average of 13 pounds regardless of walking speed; those in the 2,000-calorie group shed about 20 pounds--again, regardless of exercise pace.

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