Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rehab Referral

Drug abuse is one of the most serious problems facing our nation today. I heard a news announcement yesterday on the radio about drug abuse. It said that about ninety percent of all crime is related to drugs in some way. It also said that about seventy five percent of drug users admitted to using drugs in the workplace. The announcement was encouraging employers to assist employees in getting treatment for their drug problems and in turn this could curb the effects of drug abuse on our country's crime rate and family unit breakdowns.

As you might remember from some of my earlier posts, my boss has a family member that is suffering from drug addiction. My boss has finally found a way to find the best drug rehab program for her family member. She discovered, a free drug rehabilitation service. It is a service designed to help drug addicts, alcoholics, chronic relapse victims, and their families find an effective drug rehab and intervention for alcoholism and drug addiction of the highest quality at no cost. They are familiar with the thousands of centers and programs in the nation and can help addicts or family members find the one most appropriate for them. Their website also has a lot of good information about various addictions, ranging from alcoholism to prescription drug abuse to hard drugs such as cocaine and heroine. As you might remember from my previous posts, my boss and the rest of her family were having trouble agreeing on where to send their relative for treatment. She is hopeful that when they all sit down together and call 1-800-NO-DRUGS they will be able to agree on the best place for their loved one. I will try to keep you posted on their results and please continue to remember them in your prayers.
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