Monday, August 6, 2007

Six-pack Abs

Now, honestly, who doesn't want perfect abs. I know I do. I guess I one of the guilty ones who spends too much time working my abs. One thing about it though, you can't have abs without first losing the excess weight. The ab workouts that I've found work best for me are as follows:

AB MACHINE (Found in all good gyms) Works - Upper Abs

These machines are great, they have a crunch like motion and help to guide you in the correct position. These machines primarily build the abs and create blockier abdominals.

CABLE CRUNCHES Works - Upper Abs

This is an excellent exercise to penetrate the entire midsection. .


Adding a little extra resistance to you exercises can make so much difference when it comes to defining your abdominals.

Works - Lower Abs

Using the Pull up bar with shoulder width grip, allow you legs to hang down keeping them relaxed so that you knees are bent and your toes slightly pointed, then simply lift your legs up.


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