Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Scary Movies

Ok, I must admit, I enjoy watching a good, scary movie. I enjoy finishing up a long, hard workout, taking a shower, and settling down to watch a classic, scary movie. Some of my favorite scary movies are Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Saws, the one where Bruce Willis plays the dad with the split personality(sorry, I can not remember the name of it), and the Halloween movies. Rob Zombie's lastest masterpiece, Halloween the movie is set to release August 31st, and I can not wait.

Rob Zombie is so creative that it makes it hard to accurately predict what angle he will bring to this movie. In scary movies, I usually, like most mean, sit in the theater still and quiet, but there are times when I am tempted to jump out of my seat. Halloween the movie, I expect, will have severat such incidences in it. I expect it will be a great movie. I posted below a short trailor to Halloween the movie. After watching this preview, I am even more excited about seeing it at the theater on August 31. If you have a weak heart or are terrified of scary movies, it probably would not be wise to see this one; however, if you enjoy the excitement of a well written and directed horror film, then this is your type of movie. Watch the trailor. I could be healthy, because it could cause you to have a cleansing bowel movement.

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