Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yesterday I worked out with this guy that does wide squats. First of all, squats are not my favorite exercise. I realize that they're one of the best weight-lifting exercises, but I still hate them. Well, this guy is incredibly strong, so I looked like a fool trying to lift with him; I got throught it though. He, however, wanted to do the wide stance squats, which I've never done. It felt like I was trying to do a split before I even squatted. It absolutely killed my inner thighs and my butt. And with this guy, you can't cheat and just go half way down, oh no. Your butt has to almost touch the freakin floor. He's a lunatic I tell ya. On my last heavy set, I think I tore my whole insides loose from whatever it is that they're suppose to be attached, but, this morning, I can tell it done some good. For you guys who loves working legs and haven't tried this craziness, you should try it. It works inner thighs really really good.

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