Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I didn't have a great weekend and Monday. My fiance's grandfather, who has cancer, was put back in the hospital early Sunday morning; So I spent Sunday and Monday there. Yesterday, all evening, his son-in-law and I fought with him all day to keep him on the bed, from pulling is cather out, from pulling his IV out, and from yanking his oxygen out. He is completely out of his mind at this point. It's awful to see him in this condition. All of the family is ready to see him stop suffering. He's only 63 though. He had a daughter, my fiance's mother, to die of cancer when she was just 24, and now, when he sees Necole, he thinks it's his daughter, Teri. It was so sad. Yesterday he was talking out of his head to Necole. His wife ask if he knew who she was, and he replied, "Yeah Virginia, that's our daughter." He's fighting so hard for every breath. I've seen cancer take two lives before, but I've never seen anyone hold on and fight like this. They say you can tell about a man's character by how he treats his friends and family; well, if you could see the many friends that are at the hospital now, and knew how he felt about his family, you know what a great man he is. You guys just remember him and his family during these last few hours.


metamorphose said...

Sending my prayers.

What a hard thing to go through.

Dana said...

I agree. That has to be hard. Bless you all!