Thursday, April 12, 2007


I've never mention my family on this blog, and I'm not going to talk about them today, except one. Around Christmas, my aunt adopted a baby, Hunter. At first, we were worried about the baby's health because of his mother's condition. When the mother went into labor, she was so high, she couldn't push or do whatever women are supposed to do when they have babies. Little Hunter come very close to dying, and then, they had to treat him for withdrawals. We weren't sure how this would affect him later on in life, but my aunt can't have children and she fell in love with Hunter. The first month he spent at home, he was very quiet. He wasn't very active; I know most babies aren't, but he was less than normal. I wish everyone could see him now. He's less than a year old and can run. Not only walk, but run. He can talk, some you can't understand, but some you can. Hunter is one of the most loving child, and one of the most beautiful baby boys, I've ever seen. I'm not sure about everyone's religious beliefs, and I'm not imposing mine on anyone, but Hunter is definitely a miracle baby. Lots of love and prayer helped this baby boy not only survive his birth, but be an intelligent and beautiful babe. We can't be sure if his mother's drug problem will cause problems for him later on, but we have faith that his health, both mentally and physically, will not be hurt. If I had a way on this computer that was made right after the Civil War to post pictures, I have him on here. I know you guys would think he is adorable.

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metamorphose said...

He sounds like a sweetheart! So glad your aunt was able to adopt him.