Tuesday, April 3, 2007


WOW. As soon as a little relief comes, gas prices shoot right back up. I've got to do something. With my truck getting only about 15/16 m/g, and me driving 30 miles one way to work, I've got to get something with better gas mileage. Yesterday I looked at a Nissan Sentra. They get like 35 miles to the gallon. I've always had a truck, but I don't care what I get as long as I can get at least 30 m/g. That's like a dream. I know that has nothing to do with health or exercising, but if I can't get something better on gas, I'll have to drop my gym membership to pay to go back and to to work. Ok, ya'll have a wonderful day.


lovelines said...

Yeah gas prices suck. Do you have a good public transportation system where you live? I wish I could just take the bus or subway everywhere, but alas, that's not really possible in LA.

Weight Master said...

No good public trans. here.