Wednesday, April 4, 2007

First Practice!

I had teeball practice with the kids for the first time yesterday evening. They're so cute and funny. The age group is 5-6; so we're pitching them 3, and if they haven't hit one, we then put the ball on the tee. It was't that bad yesterday, because I only had 7 show up. There was 4 sick with the virus. When I was hitting the ball to them in the field, one second they would be looking at me, and then, once I hit the ball, they'd be looking at a bird flying in the outfield. It's all I can do to keep them in their assigned positions. Cute and hilarious, but also frustrating. There's this one little girl, tiny little cutie, who can throw the ball better than the boys. I mean, she throws it on a line. I put her at third base, and she threw it all the way to first base. If my first baseman could catch, we might be able to get a few out this season.

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