Friday, April 20, 2007

Faith and Health

Yesterday I read a post over on Metamorphose's blog that really interested me and got me to thinking. She mentioned her faith, how blogging has helped her faith, and how her faith has influenced her weight-loss and health. I agree that a person's faith,I'm a Baptist, influences everything about a person, either positively or negatively. I mean, if a person believes in nothing, what reason does that person have to live a healthy, profitable life, right? I heard a story yesterday that made me cringe. I was working out with an RN at our ER. He was telling me about a kid, 21 yrs old, that come in just a couple of nights ago with his right hand cut off. The RN said his family looked like they was from some kind of strict, religious sect. None of his family was panicing. The boy was clinching a Bible in his left hand and repeating over and over the verse about cutting off your hands or feet if they cause you to sin. This right handed kid had cut his own right hand off, and would not accept anykind of pain medication. He said he deserved to feel the pain. It was a clean cut, so, against the boy's will, they reattached the hand. I'm not sure if the surgery took though. The first thought that crossed my mind was, "this boy is crazy," but it disturbes me how some people are actually so grounded in tradition and religion that they interpret everything literally. True Christianity teaches that Grace covers sin. Anyway, I thought that was horrible that a kid would be taught that in order for him to overcome his "sin", he would have to do something that extreme.

OK, I've got to get to work so I can buy some gas for the weekend. That's enough to make a man cry. I have "faith" that it'll come down though. In the meantime, check out some of the other bloggers I've linked to and some of the other links on my site. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

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metamorphose said...

Ugh. What a horrible story.