Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I haven't been in the gym since last Thursday. I've just been too busy. I may be the only one, but, when I miss about a week at the gym, I lose energy. Metabolism is the key to weight loss and maintenance. I'm not an expert on metabolism, but I know it's what gives you energy, and when you're not as active, you lose it. It acts as a body fuel. In order to increase it, you must eat the right kind of calories along with staying active during the day. If you work in an office, as I do, don't just stay in your office. Walk around every now and then. If you go eat, park in the furtherest parking place and walk. If we truly want to maintain a healthy weight, or lose down to a healthy weight, we need to quit giving excuses, stop sitting around, and stay active. Exercise is definitely the key!!


Critter said...

So true. I am trying to keep up the exercise even when my eating isn't so great.

Sonya said...

Absolutely right! I'm sure you'll get back to it soon.

Building muscle mass also helps burn calories all the time - even when you can't exercise for a couple of days. So weight training is equally key!