Thursday, February 15, 2007

What truly matters

Ok, I haven't been to them gym but one time in the past 2 weeks. I went Tuesday, and I'm still really sore today. I'm still eating healthy, but I feel as if I'm doing absolutely nothing worthwhile. I'm still sick with sinuses. My head has hurt constantly for the past week. I've had fever. Yet I'm great. I'm so blessed.

I guess sometimes it takes a tragedy to shake me up and help me realize that even on my worse day, I'm blessed. I don't have much to say today except, not matter how you think you look, or how you think other people may look at you, you're a beautiful person. You should always know that you're loved.

Depression is such a serious sickness, and it should never be taken lightly. Me and my wisdom always concluded that some people were just selfish. God forgive me. How reality strikes when it happens to a close friend? I don't personally know anyone of you, but I do know that you're love. Don't try to deal with problems by yourself. I'm reminded of a quote of Tony Dungy after his son tragically killed himself, "God is in everything, even the ugly stuff." It's so hard sometime to remember that God will never leave or forsake us; that he will not put us through more than we can handle, and that he will carry and love us through whatever we may go.

However much you weigh; however you think you may look, you're beautiful and you're loved.


Esperanza Molinar said...
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Feisty Frida said...

Hey Weight Master, thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving such a nice compliment!

Feisty Frida said...

I meant comment...haha! Thanks again for stopping by!