Tuesday, March 4, 2008


If you are like me, insurance is not a friend of yours. Sometimes I simply hate it. I, well not me directly, but my family has had so much trouble with health insurance. Vehicle is ridiculous for younger males. I am twenty-six, and I still pay one-hundred twenty dollars for coverage; and life insurance is another problem. My state life insurance rejected my wife for a very simple problem that millions of people have and never have a problem with.

A lot of Commercial Insurance is a rip off. I did, finally get a good deal on life insurance with Woodmen for my wife. In fact, I am thinking about buying some. However, if I can consistenly work out like I am doing, maybe, and I confidently believe, that it will be a long, long time before I need it. I do hate, and I repeat hate, car insurance though. I just can not find a reasonable quote. I remember when I first started shopping for car insurance, State Farm quoted me over 400 dollars a month, and I have a completely clean record. No lie; I mean I do not even have one traffic ticket or tiny accident on my record. That is crazy. Anyway, that is my rant on insurance. Thanks to healthy eating and my workout routine, I hopefully will not need my life insurance anytime soon.

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