Monday, May 12, 2008

Wedding Exercise

Who would think you could get in a workout at a wedding...well a wedding reception? Well, I did. I went to a friends wedding the other evening. They had a big reception with a dj and the works. Truth is, I cannot dance, but I try. My wife and a couple of her friends went to the bathroom (I have no idea why women have to go to the bathroom in flocks), and while she was gone, this old chick grabs my arm and drags me on the dance floor on this fast song. I mean she was in her 60s or so. Remember I can't dance, but when I try, I attempt the slow songs. Now this old lady could dance; she was getting down. When that song was finally over, another old woman pulled me out there. Honestly, it wasn't a great workout, but I can definitely see where dancing would be a great way to stay in shape.

The reception was fun though. If you're getting married soon, save as much money on Wedding Invitations as possible and invest in a band or dj. It's cool. has a new feature that allows you to view the invitations in detail.

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