Friday, May 23, 2008


Over the years, running has gotten a bad rap. Many people think that the impact your feet absorb isn't good. This is only a myth. When we were born, our bodies were designed to walk, run and jump. Things such as ballet, yoga, and other exercises that push your joints to the limits are not good for you. Did ya'll know that ballet dancers have a higher injury rate than football players. Not only that, but there feet suffer from terrible athritis, stress fractures, and they look terrible. Any exercises or flexibility trainings that puts your body into unnatural positions are not healthy. Now, of course, running marathons and ultramarathons can lead to injuries, but running sensibly is completely safe and a very good cardio and leg workout.

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Clinton Walker III said...

This is a great article for those people making excuses for not jogging to lose weight. Running is the best exercise in the world for you body.