Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scary Movie

Do you like scary movies? I know I do. I like to get the mess scared out of me every once in a while. The creepier the movie the better. If you are like me, then there is a new Horror Movie out just for people like us. It is called Frontier(s). It looks like one of the most scary movies I have seen come along in a while. It is unrated and is over the top gory and creepy. It is about three criminals and a beautiful girl tied up with the wrong guy in Paris. They try to hide out from the police in an inn, but they find out that the inn is actually an endless maze of tunnels crawling with hungry subhuman cannibals that they must fight to survive. It looks really good. Unfortunately because of its content, it is only being shown in select theater listings, and the closest one to me is New York City (I am in Georgia) so I probably will have to watch this one on DVD. I definitely suggest everyone that likes scary movies to go to the official website of Frontier(s) and watch the unrated Trailer. I think once you check it out you will be excited about this new scary movie as well.

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