Monday, September 10, 2007


If you are like me, you are always looking and interested in cool up-to-date websites that are not only easy to navigate, but help improve your site. There are many great sites online, but one that I would encourage all of you to check out is This site allows you to access many helpful and cool tools. I not only encourage you to visit, but also to join it. As a member, of course, you have access to many more and better features.

Cellfish allows you to download ringtones, videos, audio, etc. It is so cool how you can download your image or video from your blog post to your phone. I mention how easy it is to navigate and figure out; well you can simply change your Cellfish locker's e-mail and text message notification settings by accessing the My Account link from any webpage and selecting the messages/alerts tab.

We all would be stretching the truth if we said we do not enjoy using our cell phones. We love ringtones and such. Well, with a Cellfish account, you can enjoy downloading Free Ringtones. How cool is that?

Below is just a silly, funny little video from

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