Friday, November 9, 2007

The Mist

I am a big fan of Stephen King's novels and movies. He has had some great novels made into feature films including It, The Shining, Carrie, Misery, Pet Cemetary, Cujo, and Salem's Lot to name a few. Anybody that does not understand why clowns are scary has obviously never seen It. The Shining is such a classic with Jack Nicholson. There are so many great lines from that movie, "Here's Johnny", and "Redrum. Redrum.", not to mention those creepy little girls. Kathy Bates is the very picture of demented obsession when she breaks James Caan's legs in Misery. Just the thought of that dog from Cujo and Sissy Spacek getting all that blood dropped on her in Carrie creeps me out.

I am excited about his next great thriller opening in theatres November 1st, The Mist by Stephen King. It is about a large group of terrified townspeople who are trapped in a local grocery store by a strange mist that has deadly, otherwordly creatures in it. As the townspeople are trapped in the store the base nature of human kind is revealed and they begin to wonder which is worse the monsters in the mist or the other ones, their neighbors inside the store. If you are a Stephen King fan like me, I encourage you to go to The Mist's official site and watch the movie trailer. I cannot wait to see this movie and get the willies.

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