Friday, November 9, 2007

Dental Repair

It is getting close to Thanksgiving, and that made me start thinking about past holidays I have enjoyed. My uncle from Charleston usually comes down every year at Thanksgiving and we all get together and eat too much at grandma's house. But one Thanksgiving my uncle did not get to overeat. In the middle of taking a big bite out of a turkey leg, he let out a loud grunt of pain. As he carefully removed the drumstick from his mouth, a dental crown that he had on one of his teeth fell out of his mouth and landed in his dumplings. It was somewhat humorous how it happened, but we all tried not to laugh because it was obviously causing him some pain and not to mention a lot of embarrassment. He was not able to eat anything else that Thanksgiving and was not able to get the crown repaired until he went back to his dentist the next week.

This story could have had a better ending if my uncle had known about Dentemp OS. Dentemp OS is the number one temporary dental repair material on the market. It provides fast, temporary relief of pain and discomfort. Just remove it from its plastic vial and it's ready to use. No Mess! No Mixing! Several Applications in each vial. Replaces lost fillings and may be used to temporarily cement loose crowns. You can eat on it within 30 minutes of setting. All products have been tested and fully comply with FDA Regulations for Oral Care.
So all of his problems could have been temporarily fixed in less than an hour and he could have enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal instead of watching us eat it all, if he had known about Dentemp OS.

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