Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smoke Damage

I have an acquaintance that recently had a freak kitchen fire. He had virtually no physical fire destruction but his whole first floor was almost completely ruined by the smoke. All of the walls were completely black and most of his possessions looked like they were beyond reclamation. Of course, the insurance company was not much help. They almost seemed to not care if the house got cleaned or not. I think they thought it would be easier to say the damage was beyond repair instead of trying to help my friend get it cleaned. However, he was able to hire a cleaning crew that came in and did a marvelous job. They were able to clean the walls and most possessions to the point that you would never know they were damaged. It was actually pretty amazing and I think the walls are actually cleaner than before the fire. If you are interested in how to clean up smoke damage austin I suggest you check out for lots of good information and how to get this professional team to repair your site.

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